Social media and its influence on society is arguably one of the most controversial topics proposed today. While there are many benefits, such as feeling a sense of community with like minded people or the growth of relationships through instant messaging and sharing content of your life, there are also some drastic drawbacks. One of the most prominent ones for our generation, specifically pertaining to the female audience on social media, is centered around beauty standards.


We live in a society that is riddled with influencers who overflow our feeds with their “picture perfect” lives. While some find it inspiring, others find it to put forth extremely unrealistic expectations. Most posts are falsified with the use of editing apps such as Perfect365 and FaceTune. It is hurtful for young women to grow up in a world where you are only as beautiful as your body enhancements and editing skills on a photo.

These apps are used for them to create the appearance of a “perfect” body type, they are used to completely alter a reality. Perfect 365, FaceTune and more are used for body modifications, changing your hair color, eye color, clearing up your skin, whitening your teeth and so much more. Apps like this are just creating the mindset for millions that you are not perfect already so here is an app where you can pretend like you are over social media. The amount of active users on the app Perfect 365 has recently reached over 50 million which shows you just how many people are unsatisfied with their original image.

The sad truth of photo editing is that we use it for other people and not for ourselves. You can find hundreds of influencers throughout social media who promote the beauty of an unmodified body and that spread awareness to the unrealistic beauty standards that these platforms tell us we need to look like. (Above is Mik Zazon, Instagram influencer who spreads positive messages through her platform) Instagram is a feeding ground for negative self talk and can truly damage a person who truly believes they need to look a certain way to fit what society sees as “perfect”. All bodies are beautiful, no one is perfect, and photo editing is dangerous!