Where to Shop Vintage this Season in Philly


This past week, hawk hill has seen some of its sunniest days since students first left for winter break. This tease of warm weather means one thing, spring is on its way, and you know what that means …. SPRING FASHION! With a new season approaching, you may be wondering, “How can I spice up my wardrobe in a trendy yet totally new way?” The answer? 


Vintage pieces are a great way to implement a next level wow factor to your style that no one else will have. Luckily, campus is only a 25 minute drive away from two of the cutest vintage shops in the city, Cactus Collective and Moon & Arrow. Conveniently located on the same street in Philly’s “Queen Village”, Cactus Collective and Moon & Arrow are the perfect stops for any individual searching for their unique style.

Cactus Collective

Cactus Collective is a homey vintage shop that can be found at 739 S. 4th St. in Queen Village. Cowboy boots and old band tees cover the walls of this shop, giving it the perfect rural meets urban vibe. Cactus Collective sells vintage and handmade clothing and jewelry, as well as miscellaneous home goods. Oh, and did I mention they have a record collection for sale as well? Cactus Collective describes itself as, “a Vintage & Handmade retail venue for collaboration, creativity, and positive vibes.” If grungy and bold pieces appeal to you, Cactus Collective is where you need to be. With a mission goal of bringing together creatives based in Philly, Cactus Collective is guaranteed to have fresh pieces that are not like the ones you would find at any ordinary retail venue. Head on over from 12:pm to 7:pm any day of the week to amp up your wardrobe at Cactus Collective.

Moon & Arrow

Just a few stores down from Cactus Collective, the modern boutique Moon & Arrow resides at 742 S 4th St. Moon and Arrow’s hardwood floors, well lit white walls and diverse plant collection give the shop a simplistic and airy feel. The shop has a wide variety of products, including vintage and handmade clothing of course, as well as jewelry, accessories, home-furnishings, and decor. Furthermore, they also have an apothecary selection of carefully chosen non toxic beauty and wellness products. If your taste is specified in earthy and whimsical articles of clothing then Moon & Arrow is the perfect vintage shop for you. Moon & Arrow can be trusted for having high quality items because it has remained popular for the past eight years. Find your perfect vintage style by visiting Moon & Arrow Monday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm and Sundays, 11am – 5pm.

So there you have it hawks, the two best spots to shop vintage this season, both on the same street in Philadelphia’s “Queen Village.” Be sure to head on over to Cactus Collective and Moon & Arrow when you’re on the hunt for some fresh and diverse finds to wear in the soon to come warm weather. My advice… grab your nearest group of friends, hop in an uber, and take a day trip into Queen Village to shop vintage galore and grab some lunch in the city while you’re at it!



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