The ongoing pandemic has made it impossible for concerts to continue safely. Many music artists refuse to perform in public regarding health concerns for them and their fans. Their solution is virtual concerts.

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Empty music hall due to Covid-19. Credit:

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are used to show a short performance, typically on their live streams and stories. Artists still continue to use social media but are now using a variety of websites where they stream their concerts. Some concerts are free and some require payment. Most of these virtual concerts differ in time, but they can range from anywhere between 1-3 hours. Look online for concerts that you can attend and enjoy an at-home show!

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Fortnite has been hosting virtual concerts for artists during the pandemic. Credit:

Music is a really great way to take a break and de-stress. These concerts help with at home boredness and they give a new experience of entertainment. Many have used music as a way to distract themselves from being in quarantine, and with artists now streaming their concerts, people are now racing for the chance to experience something they lost.