The biggest award show in the music industry is the Grammys. This award show is the place where the best names in music win a prestigious Grammy award and recognition for their impact on the industry over the past year. The nominees for each of the 84 categories were released on November 24, 2020 and like every other year there was backlash and judgment surrounding the nominees. Some of the most prestigious award nominees include…

The Grammy Trophy
Image courtesy of Marissa Marchese

Record of the Year: 

Black Parade – Beyonce

Colors – Black Pumas

Rockstar – Dababy feat. Roddy Rich

Say So – Doja Cat

Everything I Wanted – Billie Eilish

Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa

Circles – Post Malone

Savage – Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyonce

Best New Artist:

Ingrid Andress

Phoebe Bridgers


Noah Cyrus

D Smoke

Doja Cat


Megan Thee Stallion

(You can find a playlist with these songs/artists here)

These may seem like well deserved award nominations, but the media as well as other mainstream artists think otherwise. It has been an ongoing suspicion that record labels and producers have been paying off the “academy” to get their artists nominated or win a Grammy award as a bribe to keep their clients morale up. This conspiracy theory comes to many viewer’s attention because of some of the recent nominations in this year’s line up. Music sensation, The Weeknd went to the press to exclaim his frustration on the matter. He has been on top of the Billboard charts for 4 weeks straight for his hit album After Hours with notable hit single “Blinding Lights” being in the top spot for those 4 weeks. Many nominees including Drake and Nicki Minaj stand behind The Weeknd as they feel the award show is not being fair and is illegitimate as the years go on.

Another notable injustice committed by the Grammy’s was in 2012 when Nicki Minaj made Rap music history as the most popular female rapper to ever have 7 hit songs at the top of the Billboard charts. She was nominated for Best New Artist but was “beat” by Indie Folk singer Bon Iver. Minaj’s track record and history was more than Bon Iver did in his first years, so fans and the industry noticed that there was injustice within the academy. They were not judging who actually deserved the award, they were judging based on skin color, personability, and bribery.

Nicki Minaj expressing her views of the awards online
Image courtesy of Twitter

Last year’s Grammy Awards were nothing short of controversial. There was much controversy after the awards were given out. The idea of bribery for awards became very prevalent as some of the biggest names in music did not receive any awards while others went home with 5. Ariana Grande, arguably one of the most popular singers in the world, walked away with no awards after 2 nominations for 2 platinum records dropped in the year 2020.

 Cardi B, pop and rap singer walked away with an award that seemed to be paid for by her record label. She is a very entertaining star, but her talent was not of those that were also nominated. This year she did not submit her new record “WAP” for a nomination because of these allegations from the year before, and wanted to submit an album instead of a single. She wants to have an album win and prove that she is deserving of the prestigious award.

 Billie Eilish came out of the gates running as the young 18 year old star walked away with 5 awards from the night. Not to say that she was not talented and did not deserve those awards, she was new to the industry and got a lot of praise where other icons did not get any recognition.

Billie Eilish at the 2020 Grammy Awards Show
Image courtesy of the Grammy Awards

It should be interesting to see what the outcome of this Grammy Award show is. It is exciting to see all the nominees post their gratitude and excitement on Instagram to thank their fans. Though there is controversy, there are some notable nominations. The lead nominees this Grammy Season are all women – Beyonce, Dua Lipa, and Taylor Swift. In the Rock and Country category there are a few all-female nominations for the first time ever. I know that every music lover and fan will be watching the Grammys this year to see if it is a night to remember.