One of the main problems with Covid- 19 is that a lot of people have been affected by covid in different ways; however, one of the main problems with it is that people are losing their tastes. For instance, meals that they were eating before aren’t as appetizing to them anymore. We asked a Temple student what his experience was when he first lost his taste when being exposed to COVID19.

What was the feeling like when you first lost your taste?

Interview #1: Owen Cutaneo

“It came out of nowhere. I noticed it without even eating anything. What you realize is you have a general taste in your mouth every day, so when I woke up without taste, it was one of the weirdest sensations ever”

Owen speaks about his tastes after Covid-19.

Throughout this article, it essentially interviews many individuals by describing what they eat for meals on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

The first person they interviewed was Jonathan Jarell who is from Atlanta. For breakfast, he claims that he was incapable of tasting the flavor of coffee. For lunch, he describes that he could not taste any flavor of Sun Chips. For dinner, he had a green salad that he added salt too. One thing that he did mention was that he enjoyed the taste of salt. After viewing  the views of this person after Covid, one thing that I got from it was that he was able to taste the texture and the contrast of the meals that he was having.

The second person they interviewed was Meema Spadola who is from Brooklyn, New York and has been experiencing Covid for 6-8 months. For breakfast, she explains that she liked coffee before Covid but she says that she can’t stand the taste anymore. For lunch, she says that she had roasted sweet potatoes with some sort of dressing that she regrets putting in there. She states that, “Things and smell and tastes as if they were forgotten in the fridge” For the evening, she had chicken that she says that her family says that it is the best chicken that she said tastes okay to her but not great. 

How did it affect your appetite? Did you feel you ate less or more while having no taste?

Interview #2: Brian Gassaway 

“The first day it happened, I wasn’t having most of the symptoms yet so I still had some sort of an appetite. I remember the first day I was bored and tried a different bunch of foods without tasting. It was strange to only focus on the textures. I got bored of doing that after the first day so I ended up eating less throughout the quarantine.”

Even without taste, our senses are smart enough to identify the foods we are most familiar with. Fingers crossed that you do not get exposed to COVID, but if you do, you have one of the rare times in which you have lost one of your senses. Experiment that food that you have always hated! Find a silver lining while you are keeping your peers safe in quarantine.