COVID-19 is one of the most troubling times in economic history for the United States. College students face many financial burdens, from their places of employment being closed and their parents and families trying to dodge difficulties themselves. Despite the economic difficulties, college students have an outlet to buying trendy, in-fashion clothing that doesn’t break the bank. Thrifting! Thrifting has many meanings, but for most college students, this means going to a second-hand clothing store with $20 in their pocket, and seeing what kind of fashionable finds they can get for that amount of money. In the city of Philadelphia, college students from St. Joseph’s University are given the opportunity to scout the best thrifting areas.  Students are able to identify what’s hot at each spot. Luckily, if you are a busy college student and don’t have the time to figure out where the best thrift stores are located, we have made a list of three prime thrifting locations. The stores range in price and specialize in different articles of clothing.

The Salvation Army: 4555 Pechin St. Philadelphia, PA 19128 – $

The first on our list of prime Philly thrift locations is The Salvation Army.  This store is located in Manayunk’s friendly town, about a 10-minute drive from campus. Not only does The Salvation Army have an accessible public parking lot for customers, but the store also has fantastic finds for the trendy college student. This thrift spot is impressive for the college student that needs essential pieces in their closet. The Salvation Army specializes in turtlenecks, sweaters, statement jackets, Philadelphia inspired t-shirts, vibrantly patterned women’s pants, men’s sweaters, and the list could go on and on. Make sure that you go on a Wednesday because a particular colored tagged clothing item is featured under the 50% off sign each day. For better clarification, each price tag at the Salvation Army is a specific color. There is a 50% off sign in the store that features one of the colors that could be on a price tag. If you go on Wednesday, four out of five of the colored price tags are featured under the 50% off sign, meaning that more than half of the store is 50% off. Most clothing pieces range from $1.99 to $5.99 before the discount, and college students can expect significant deals for these environmentally sustainable, trendy clothing purchases.

Where The Salvation Army is located in Philadelphia. Source: Yelp

Buffalo Exchange: 1520 Chestnut St. Philadelphia PA, 19102 – $$

Next on our list is the fan-favorite Buffalo Exchange. This thrift store is located in Center City, Philadelphia. This store is known for selling expensive, in-brand clothing for a markedly lower price. You can expect to find once $200 Doc Martens for $35 and American Eagle pants that were once $65 for $15. This store is an excellent pick if you’re interested in looking for expensive basics from a popular clothing franchise. This store is home to marketed down Nike Air Forces, worn-in leather boots, a generous amount of women’s statement shirts, and many grungy statement pieces like shirts and belts with character. Boys, proceed with caution! The Buffalo Exchange in Center City is more geared to a female audience. Although prime parking is not guaranteed at this location, the benefit of Buffalo Exchange is the endless amount of opportunity even when you step your foot outside of the store! You and your friends can grab a bite to eat and one of the many restaurants on Chestnut, go window shopping, and explore the thrills and entertainment that is Center City.

The location of Buffalo Exchange. Source: Yelp

Raxx Vintage Clothing: 534 South St. Philadelphia PA, 19147 – $$$

Last on our list is the lovely Raxx Vintage. This unique and aesthetically pleasing thrift store is located on Philadelphia’s famous South street and is home to some unbelievably authentic finds. Although Raxx is the most expensive of our list of beginner thrift shops, this store has the most necessary pieces if you save enough beans to buy. Raxx Vintage has the most perfectly worn-in, amazingly shaded Levi’s jeans. Where you might find a pair of good Levi’s at another thrift that is a few sizes too large, Raxx has an array of quality Levi’s in different sizes, styles, and colors. Furthermore, this store also holds an impressive amount of leather pieces. Raxx has the best leather jackets, skirts, and pants for grabs, all trendy pieces for the 21st-century college kid. Along with these must-have pieces, you will be able to find the grooviest sweaters, dresses, bags, and sunglasses. This location is also home to many interesting wall decor pieces that could be hung in your room. After you’re finished with the Raxx experience, you have the opportunity to visit Ishkabibble’s or Jim’s Steaks for a classic Philly cheesesteak! 

The location of Raxx Vintage. Source: Yelp

Whether it’s a fun pass time with friends or a search for the perfect piece, thrifting is an exciting and interesting experience for all! Who knows, it could be your next favorite thing!