What’s the best study spot on campus? Many students would suggest the library. While the library has its strengths, its open late during finals and there is nothing to do there but study, it is not the only study spot on campus.

We set out to find the best coffee shop on campus to study at. Our first midterm session of the year is coming up, everyone is starting to feel the stress, and we wanted to find some study spots and tips for our new Hawks on campus! 

Coffee shops are a classic study and work spot and our campus has three. Why a coffee shop? There are a couple reasons:

  1. Some background noise can sometimes be helpful to study, some people prefer silence, some need some ambient noise.
  2. Most coffee shops (and all 3 on campus) have free wifi
  3. Coffee and food

So what IS the best? We have 3: Starbucks, Saxbys, and Einstein’s Bagels. We headed to each spot to ask some upperclassmen why you should study at each location. 

some upperclassmen suggestions

Each option has its unique qualities. Some cater better to certain study types and some are just more convenient. Lets take a look at each location:

Starbucks is adjacent to the bookstore, close to Lannon and Rashford (sophomore apartments), and across the street from Mandeville. Starbucks is a classic study spot; they tend to be open late (however the on-campus location is not) and there’s always a quick caffeine fix. The Starbucks on campus is convenient for many students, located just under the Hawks Landing Garage and next to dorms, it can be a great quick study spot. SJU’s Starbucks is a bit darker typically, however it offers outdoor tables that can be great when the weather is nice. 

Saxbys is a newer addition to Hawk Hill. It opened last year and is located in Campion Student Center. Its location makes it prime for studying between classes on the Philly side of campus. There are several tables and you can usually find an available one during the day. Saxbys does stay open a bit later, and even when the coffee counter closes down the tables are available. It can be a great spot for studying, however many people walk through, so if you’re easily distracted it might not be the place for you. There is always some music playing and plenty of ambient noise, which some folks find helpful to study with. 

Last but not least, Einstein’s Bagels is located on the Merion side of campus, in Merion Hall. It’s the only spot for coffee on the Merion side of campus and one of the best study spots. During class switchovers it tends to get busy, however during classes its rather quiet and a great place to get work done. There are two levels, the first floor houses the food counter and the majority of tables and the second level is a gallery with limited seating but lots of floor space. Often you will find students spread between the floors, some sitting against walls upstairs and others at tables downstairs. 

So where will you choose to study?


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