Gift giving season is just around the corner. Needless to say, diving into your college savings is somewhere most students don’t want to go. No need to fear! Our alternative for you: save money and give a great gift by making a friendship bracelet. Nothing is better than a homemade gift that comes from the heart.

Yes, friendship bracelets were a fun summertime activity when you were 12, but they’re making a comeback and are not leaving any time soon. The string to make these bracelets comes in dozens of colors and you can buy them at any store with an Arts and Crafts section.

Pick out your string colors, sit back, turn on a movie or your favorite playlist and stitch away! You do not need to be artistically talented because these bracelets are easy to make. Here are the steps to create one.

For more details and history of the bracelet, check out this link.




  1. Cut three different colors of string long enough to wrap around your wrist six times.
  2. Fold the three strands in half and cut the fold at the top. This will create a total of six strands.
  3. Tie a knot near the top of the strands.
  4. Tape down the excess string above the knot.
  5. Group the string by color.
  6. Take one color and separate it from the other two colors (keep the other two colors together).
  7. Make the shape of a “4” by using one string. The other strands will act as the vertical line of “4”.
  8. Loop the string through the hole of the “4” shape and pull it upwards to form a knot at the top.
  9. Repeat steps one through eight about ten times with the same color.
  10. Repeat all steps with the other colors until you have three to five inches left of loose string.
  11. Split the strings in half and tie a knot to prevent the stitch from falling out.
  12. Finally, have a friend help you tie it onto your wrist or give it away as a gift!


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