Summer. Is. Coming. *cue Jon Snow* For some, this statement is filled with the joys of knowing theres no school, feeling the warm sun on your skin, and picturing yourself on the beach. For many others, this statement causes panic, well because, you’re picturing yourself on the beach. And not in the most positive light. College is a time where you should eat all the pizza and tater tots you want, right?! True, but you start to notice that your body doesn’t bounce back from these foods quite as fast.

People think that spending countless hours at the gym every day to counteract the calories. But if you want to look good, and feel good about yourself, you need to start eating healthy.

Healthy eating isn’t as tedious or gross as it is played out to be. Finding the right recipes are easy, convenient and kills cravings. Heres two of my favorite sites to find recipes and some good “fitspo” to get you started.

Greatist is a health and fitness website that has everything (in those categories) under the sun. Between countless recipes, and yoga 101, this site can help you do it all. Greatist also connects you to hundreds of different healthy lifestyle blogs.

Greatist Site Search


Created by Tasty, (we all binge watch Tasty videos – don’t lie) Goodful creates and shows you how to make healthy recipes that look just as delicious as they taste.

Goodful Logo

Happy eating!

~ Erin Paccione ’19




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