As college students, most of us gravitate towards drinking coffee. It helps us get through those 8 am classes and those late-night study sessions. A computer in one hand and coffee in the other is the way to go. Sometimes going to the library can be pretty dreary, so what could be better than to have coffee shops right on campus? Here is the ultimate inside scoop to the location, hours and prices of SJU’s coffee shops.


Photo By Caroline Vita

Location: 54th street right next to the Bookstore. Great to grab a coffee when you are near Mandeville.

Hours: Take advantage of their hours, as they open really early and close late. Open on Monday to Thursday from 7am-9pm, Friday from 7am-5pm and on the weekends from 8am-5pm. If you have an 8am or a night class in Mandeville be sure to grab a coffee first so you are wide awake in class.

Prices: As most people know, Starbucks is not cheap, but the quality of coffee they provide makes it worth it. They also allow you to pay with DB money which is so convenient.

Atmosphere: It feels like a place of its own, apart from campus, but still in it.  It has the best vibe if you want to feel like you are not on campus. It also offers a good environment for group work meeting or group study sessions.


Photo By Caroline Vita

Location: In Campion Student Center right in the center of campus. If you are in the library, Science Center, Bellarmine, Barbelin or some of the freshman dorms, Saxby’s is the most convenient option for you. If you are in the dining hall but tired of Campion coffee, be sure to hit Saxby’s since it is right next to the dining hall.

Hours: They got you covered. They are open from Monday to Thursday from 7am-7pm, Friday from 7am-6pm and on the weekends from 8:30pm-6pm. They close earlier than Starbucks on the weekdays, but on the weekends don’t panic when Starbucks closes, they got your back for an hour more.  

Prices: If you are going to Saxby’s make sure you have your wallet with you because they don’t accept DB money. However, they do accept Hawk Cash . The prices are relatively high, but the convenience of the location is their makes it worth it.  

Atmosphere: Feels like a place to grab and go, but they also have tables where you can sit down and study. It is always busy around, so if need a quiet place to study this is not your place. It has music playing so it has a nice environment to sit down and chat with your friends.

Einstein Bagels:

Photo By Caroline Vita

Location: In Merion Hall, great for when you are in the Maguire Campus. Grab a coffee or a bagel if you are hungry in between classes.

Hours: They are open from Monday to Wednesday from 8 am to 8 pm, Thursday and Friday from 8am-2pm and on the weekends they are closed. So, if you have an Einstein Bagel craving, be sure to go during the week.

Prices: They offer the lowest prices compared to Starbucks and Saxby’s. Although they are known for their bagels , they offer a great variety of options  at a relatively good price, and they accept DB money.

Atmosphere: Most people go to grab a snack or a coffee in between their classes, so it is a multifunctional environment. If you go in the middle of the day sometimes is hard to find a table since it is always crowded. The space is not designed only for those buying in Einstein Bagels, because it is also a common space the building offers.

Having coffee places in campus is convenient and necessary, but if you want to take a break from campus, there are also some great coffee places just one train away.