Is there really Power in Plant?

If there’s one word to describe finding something to eat at Campion around peak lunch/dinner time, it’s stressful. Attempting to read the tv’s forever-changing food options and waiting in a very long line to get food, the whole proves to be a little less than ideal.



What if you have a dietary restriction that limits your food selection even further? How is it for a student that identifies as a vegan and follows a strict, plant-based lifestyle? Matt, Emma, and I want to find out.

We will eat completely Vegan for a day.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner must all be from Campion and we must follow a plant-based diet. We must also take pictures of our meals and vlog our thoughts for at least one meal. That being said, here are our findings:

Marcy’s Take

Marcy’s Stir-Fry Lunch

“Waking up on Tuesday morning, I was nervous. I was afraid that I would be hungry all day. Surprisingly, this was not the case. I had a smoothie around 10:00. It actually filled me. For lunch, I walked right up to the vegetarian section of Campion and had a stir-fry.

The only thing I was worried about was the wait, and there virtually wasn’t one. Dinner was a different story. The line for sautéed veggies was very long and I didn’t have time. I panicked. Quickly grabbed a coffee cup and filled it with rice and edamame. It was okay.”

Matt’s Take

The Vegan Dinner

“Unsatisfying being vegan. All I wanted was good food to eat but I didn’t have the time to look for anything I liked. I was sad. I made my “best” meal consisting of a bowl of Cheerios, two delicious apples and a few carrot sticks. While this filled me up for breakfast, this left me hungry when it came to all my other meals.”

Emma’s Take

Emma’s Breakfast

“I thought it was hard but actually pretty doable if you’re able to put the time into it and can afford having to pay for more costly vegan versions of food. I know that if I had to spend that much time and effort just to have a balanced diet, I’d feel pretty unmotivated to continue it. While my meals did leave me full, I had to spend at least 3 more minutes wandering around Campion looking for the vegan options and trying to figure out how to make a full plate with it.

Group Conscious:

Definitely doable in Campion if you are willing to put the time and energy into living such a lifestyle.


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