College students everywhere especially at Saint Joseph’s try to look their best for class. But sometimes it can be challenging to take that extra time in the morning when students are stressed with midterms and papers that are due. Not everyone wants to wear jeans or a nice skirt or dress to class all the time. The answer is simple there is an easy way to dress comfortable and still look cute, Athletic gear/athleisure. This is five reasons why SJU students wear athletic wear to class:

  1. They are on a sports team and have practice later in the day so it is more practical to just throw on a Nike shirt and pants and go to class.

2. The person loves to show off their creative side with funky leggings. Wearing cool patterned pants sometimes is a good way to express yourself in a positive way.

3. Athletic wear is comfortable! Unlike jeans, yoga pants and leggings stretch which makes sitting in that hour and fifteen class on Tuesdays way more enjoyable.


4. These types of clothes are flattering. They are form fitting and look great and mostly everyone. They give people a nice figure while being stretchy and comfortable. Who doesn’t love that?

5. It takes no time in the morning. It is so much easier to just grab a work-out tank top and pants then to search through your closet for that sweater that matches the pair of jeans you have been dying to wear.



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