If you’re a Friends fan, you’ve definitely compared your group of friends to the characters. Here’s a guide to compare your SJU group to the motley crew.


You’re the Ross of your SJU group if you’re a bio major, Hawk Host, an avid second floor lib-goer, and constantly on the verge of mental breakdown. You can’t stand it when things don’t go according to plan and you aren’t afraid to show your emotional side every once in a while.


If your friends call you Mom – you’re also the Monica of your group. You keep your dorm super clean, always cooking in your apartment for everyone, might be a little high-strung and making sure the whole groups OK after a night out at the Lion’s Den.


You’re probably the Joey of your friend group if you’re not really sure what you are doing after graduation, but you know you love acting after being a part of the Improv Club. You fulfill your love for sandwiches with a daily Hawk Wrap, and because you’re a Red Shirt, you’re seen with a different freshman girl every time you’re on campus.


A marketing major who’s on the prowl for her Hawkmate, you’re the Rachel of your group if you’re a writer for HerCampus and featured as Campus Cutie for being super trendy… multiple times. You would do anything for your friends at any time of the day. And you might just have a flare for drama.


The Chandler of the group is that one good guy that all the other girls love, and try to set him up with a date to their date party each time around, just because they know that he’s a good time. Even though he’s sometimes the butt of jokes, everyone on campus loves him.


She’s not quite involved in anything specific on campus, but you can usually find her singing and playing her guitar on Villager Lawn in her hammock on nice days. A free-spirit and someone who’s always looking out for others, the Phoebe of the group is that one person you know quite doesn’t fit the SJU stereotype, but you’re glad that they’re here.

~ Erin Paccione ’19


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