“I’ve never been an Eagles fan, I’m not sure what to do on Sunday”, lamented a SJU freshmen from California.

“I wish I knew how Philadelphians would act on such an occasion, so I could blend in,” stated a worried SJU sophomore from Puerto Rico.

Luckily for you we got the perfect remedy: this is how you can fly onto the Eagles bandwagon

I get it, you’re away from home during Super Bowl weekend, and most likely your team did not make the big game. Let’s be honest about how that feels, gut wrenching. For real though, of all the teams that could have been here, the Patriots and the Eagles. This will mark the Patriots’ 10th Super Bowl appearance, the 8th since 2001. Totaling in at 5 Super Bowl titles, the Patriots are looking to tie the Pittsburgh Steelers for 6. You can say the Eagles, with only 2 Super Bowl appearances in their entire franchise history, are the ultimate underdogs. Sunday represents a long awaited rematch from the 2005 Super Bowl XXXIX, where the Eagles fell 24-21 to the Patriots.

Now just because your team isn’t in the Super Bowl doesn’t mean you can’t get behind one of the teams. As new SJU students, we are assuming that you are using your strong, Philadelphian education to make the RIGHT decision by choosing to root for the Eagles. Or maybe you are just too afraid to wear any color besides green. Either way, we will allow just this once to be the ultimate bandwagon hoppers. So, begin to channel a 13 year old bitter resentment, and let’s adopt the same grudge mentality of an Eagles fan.

Sunday 2/4/2018

8 A.M.

It’s  GAME DAY. As a new Eagles fan it is necessary that you begin this long awaited day with a run. You have properly dreamt of seeing the Lombardi Trophy placed in the hands of Doug Pederson (aka. The Eagles head coach) and need to release some of those jitters. To channel your “inner Rocky”, take on the numerous steps surrounding Barbelin. Don’t forget to raise your hands triumphantly. If you are feeling really ambitious, you could do the 3.8 mile run to the Art Museum. Make sure to drink plenty of wooder to hydrate for the rest of the day.

10 A.M.

If Campion just isn’t cutting your Super Bowl run appetite, make the walk to Dunkin Donuts on City Ave for a $0.52 coffee. Any loyal Eagles fan will have the Dunkin app already downloaded and have been using it to get free coffee throughout the season. Grab a pork roll breakfast sandwich and a dozen of those festive green donuts for you and your roommates. As a bandwagon hopper you must continue to spread the Eagles frenzy!

11 A.M.

Now comes the hardest part, getting dressed for the occasion. If you don’t  have an awesome roommate with an extra jersey, don’t sweat it. There are pop up vendors in the ACME, on City Ave, and Wynnewood shopping center parking lots. There are plenty of T-shirts with the NFC Champ or the trending Underdog mask logos. Trade in those Hawk shirts for the day and gear up with Eagles paraphernalia!

12 P.M.

Study Time! Grab your roommate and suitmates! Don’t know which players are popular? Here are the current fan favorites:  Jay Ajayi, Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffery, Chris Long, Fletcher Cox, Nelson Agholor, Nick Foles, and Carson Wentz (R.I.P.*metaphorically*). Memorize these names. Forget those bio flashcards or accounting 101 formulas. These players are now your priority.

And yous guys better practice the Eagles Fight Song.

1 P.M.

Start making your way into center city on Septa. You need to be surrounded by a ton of Eagles fans in order to continue this bandwagon process. Grab the train at Overbrook station or take the 44 bus, which stops right outside Rashford, to Suburban station area. Make sure to visit the Reading Terminal  Market to fuel up before you start properly sightseeing.

We highly recommend: Famous 4th Street Cookie Company, Termini Brothers, and Carmen’s.

2-5 p.m.

Pass the afternoon enjoying all the many historical sites and touristy spots with your Eagles posse. Take the classic photo in front of  LOVE with you and all roommates decked out in your new Eagles gear. Maybe stroll down to Independence Hall and embrace the history of the city. Or, finally take the opportunity to visit the Magic Gardens in South Philly. We all know these pics make for classic freshmen insta posts. And there’s no better way to connect with the Eagles roots than visiting South Philly.

5-6:30 P.M.

After all that sightseeing you’re probably hungry again. Can you tell that food is a big tradition for Eagles fans?! Now for all the bandwagon hoppers, cheesesteaks are obviously a Philadelphian staple. But, a true Philadelphian doesn’t eat at the tourist spots like Pat’s and Geno’s. True fans love their roast pork, hoagies, and chicken cheesesteaks too. We highly recommend: DiNic’s, Sarcone’s Deli, *Dallesandro’s* (Located in Roxborough, it’s is an easy uber ride from campus!)

Go stuff your faces, you new Philadelphians!

6:30pm -The Rest of Your Life

IT’S GAME TIME! Now you can sit back in a bar (if you’re of age!), a restaurant, the Perch, or in a dorm room, and enjoy being a true Eagles fan. Similar to being a SJU Hawk, being a Philadelphia Eagles’ fan is all about tradition. As long as you are surrounded by good friends and good food, you will begin creating your own traditions as new Eagles fans. These games don’t come often so sit back, sing the fight song, and never forget this great moment for Philly!



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