You have three of your hardest midterms tomorrow, you have been studying for hours, and Spring Break is right around the corner…you need a break now. What to do?

There is always Netflix, but as we all know it is easy to get carried away with the “just one more episode” mentality. You could talk to friends, but again, one conversation always leads to the next. You just need a quick break and a good laugh. The answer?


A simple visit to a meme account can provide the perfect (much needed) laugh to relieve stress during a study break. Below are lists of some of the most popular meme accounts to check out for a quick laugh!

This list of accounts post various videos, pictures, and screenshots of funny Tweets. The content is focused on current pop-culture and mainly targets millennials and Gen Z:

There are SO many struggles that come with being a girl, but there is no better way to cope with the everyday hassles than to laugh at them! The accounts below allow girls from all over to bond over the #girlstruggles that they face:

Whether you are an athlete yourself or a diehard fan, these pages poke fun at all things sports:

Memes turned musical. If you play an instrument or just love music in general, you are sure to get a good laugh from these pages:

For those on Hawk Hill, we went around campus to ask YOU what some of your favorite memes are. Check it out below!

Edited by Emily Grimes

What do you “meme” you want more memes? Don’t worry, we’ve made some of our own memes below!

Made With Mematic by Bella Cocozza
Made With Mematic by Bella Cocozza
Made With Mematic by Bella Cocozza

If you’re feeling bold and want to make your own memes, check out these apps and websites:


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