Sean is a Sophomore communications student at Saint Joseph’s University. He is from Easton, Connecticut where he has lived with his parents and older brother since he was born. Sean loves spending time outside in nature, whether it be on the beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts or the Green Mountains of Vermont. He chose to attend Saint Joseph’s after much consideration primarily because of the familiar Jesuit identity he learned and embraced in high school, as well as the proximity to home.

One very meaningful experience in Sean’s life is when he traveled to Colorado to meet his brother for a weekend of skiing and experiencing life well above sea level. This changed Sean’s perspective quite drastically and even caused him to second guess his choice to attend college relatively close to home, on the east coast. Following this trip, COVID-19 shutdowns began and his college application process changed with it. After much consideration Sean decided to attend Saint Joseph’s, conveniently located approximately halfway between Easton, Connecticut, where his parents live and Washington D.C., where his older brother lives.

Since arriving on campus in August of 2020, Sean has gone through some difficult adjustments to life in college as well as living through a pandemic. Initially Sean struggled with getting out and meeting new people especially with strict COVID regulations. In addition to this, Sean struggled to find motivation for school work in his first semester. After regrouping over the long holiday break in between semesters last year, Sean hit his stride academically in the second semester and began feeling more comfortable at college while meeting some solid friends to make Saint Joseph’s finally feel like home.

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