Makenzie Koonrad is a fashion-forward, artistic woman from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Koonrad is a senior at Saint Joseph’s University and is majoring in Marketing with two minors in Communication studies and German. Her love of the German language quickly sparked in college when she began to embrace her German heritage and wanted to use her educational opportunity to capitalize on that interest.

One of her biggest dreams and goals is to go to Germany to really immerse herself in the culture. In addition to being a student, Koonrad also holds a management position at Free People as a keyholder. She is no stranger to fashion, as she has always loved clothing design and matching pieces together to create the perfect message through an outfit. Putting together her great eye and love for assisting others, she loves using this skill in the workplace to make guests feel confident about the styles they are wearing. As a child, Koonrad would sit with her grandma as she sewed clothes, told stories, and taught her to draw; planting a seed of creativity that quickly flourished into her adult years.

 As a self-proclaimed artist, Koonrad loves using her hands to create and make beautiful pieces of art. Painting, drawing, and sewing are among some of her favorite pastimes. After a long and hard day of school or work, she loves to sit down and decompress with a pencil and paper. In high school, Koonrad used her artistic abilities at a local donut shop in her hometown where she was tasked with being the creator of their elaborate chalkboard menus. Makenzie is a determined, hardworking, and creative individual that puts her full effort into whatever she sets her heart on.