Joe Shuron is a sophomore from Flourtown, PA and is always showing his La Salle College High School pride. In high school Joe was very active and even got to go on a two-week service trip to Bolivia, which he fundraised for at his local parish.

After high school, Joe decided to attend Saint Joseph’s University ( largely due to food marketing program we have here. However, in his first year and a half here he has realized he does not really have a passion for food marketing and would much rather be a history teacher. For that reason, he is planning on transferring to Chestnut Hill College | ( to pursue a degree in education.

Outside of school, Joe currently works at Life Time Healthy Way of Life | Join Life Time at their pool and in their kid’s center. He loves this job and would like to keep it until he is out of school.

Unfortunately, the last year has not been kind to Joe or his family. In January his father left Joe, his sister, mother, and grandfather. Then in September a pipe broke in his house flooding it with raw sewage. To make matters worse Hurricane Ida also left his house flooded. Despite all these challenges the past year has brought Joe he has managed to bravely face them and hang in there.

Knowing Joe only from class one would never know the struggles he has been facing based off they way he carries and presents himself to others. For this reason, I have the utmost respect for Joe and hope things turn around for him and his family as we approach 2022.

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