Helena Sims is a freshman Communications major. She is from Yardley, Pennsylvania, which is roughly 45 minutes away from Saint Joseph’s University. She lives in Villiger Hall and enjoys taking long walks around campus. Coming to Saint Joseph’s University was a rough transition for Helena. What she misses most is the comfort of being surrounded by what she’s familiar with.

She has considered transferring; however, through the Saint Joseph’s Communications department and the friends she has met, she is becoming more comfortable here and is starting to consider campus her home. Some of her favorite things to do are going to the gym with her friends, eating at Campion, and balancing her academic and social life.

During Freshmen Orientation, all incoming students are given the most valuable piece of advice: This school is small, don’t do anything stupid to mess up your reputation: people will hear about it. Helena and I have both witnessed this advice happen firsthand. “After talking to you during this project and realizing many of our stories, I never realized how small this school was and how everything gets spread around so quickly,” Helena told me as we were walking back from the Barnes Arboretum.

Helena and I are from around the same area but we have never met until we came to Saint Joseph’s. Funny enough, her childhood best friend, Hannah, and I went to the same high school so I would hear Helena’s name a lot from her. On the first day of COMM 200, Dr. Lyons was taking roll and I heard Helena Sims. I knew that name sounded so familiar and immediately texted Hannah if Helena chose to come to Saint Joseph’s. Eventually, Helena and I would walk back from class together, realizing we have a lot in common.

Helena agrees the Saint Joseph’s is like a melting pot: a melting pot that sometimes may be filled with weirdly connecting ingredients, but ingredients that are so unique and can bring people together, even when they least expect it.