Leaving a small town and coming to a big city can be a bit of a challenge but has overcome much more than just moving out. Erin is from a small town in Medham, New Jersey. At home, she lives with mom, dad, and her sister Lauren. Also at home are Erin’s dogs, Bailey a goldendoodle, and Bella, a puggle. Bella has a special part of the family though as she is Erin’s dog when she does dog handling. 

Erin is a freshman here at Saint Joseph’s University majoring in Communication Studies. Erin says everything that the major entails and offers holds a perfect description for who Erin is. So, not only this school but this major fell perfectly into place for her. 

Erin comes from a very small town so the transition from Medham to some big city life was huge for Erin but coming to a school like Saint Joseph’s made it easy because Erin loved the people who seemed to be Erin’s kind of people, not only the campus size but also the class size, and the dorms as soon as she found herself here in late August. 

Erin would describe herself as a pretty independent person so coming to the city makes it fun for her as she loves to explore and see what’s here. Erin is passionate about anything involving animals. 

A challenge Erin has been faced in life is when she was diagnosed in 2017 with Epilepsy, this was a change to Erin’s life but nothing that could stop her from all that she has planned for her future.

Erin started to do work with her dog Bella as a dog handler and this is one of the best things she says she has ever opened herself up to. Not only does Erin get to be with her Puggle, Bella, but she gets to learn how to train dogs and create a comfortable environment for people who need the service.

Nobody ever said leaving for college was easy, especially when you leave your dog behind…

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