This is Emily Somers who is a sophomore at Saint Joseph’s University. She grew up in the suburbs of Jefferson, New Jersey and will now be spending four years as a city girl in Philly. Here at Saint Joe’s, Emily will be studying Communications as her major and Spanish as her minor.

Emily chose Saint Joseph’s because of a former student that she visited when she was a senior in high school. She loved the atmosphere and all the opportunities Saint Joe’s had for their students.

Emily was a senior in high school when the pandemic hit so she missed out on all the fun senior year events. Emily was a freshmen during the year of Covid-19 which made it hard for her to have the normal college experience. At first she had a hard time making friends and staying focused in her zoom classes. But, because Saint Joe’s did lots of activities to help the Freshmen get out, Emily persevered and easily made connections.

Being almost two years into college doesn’t mean you can’t miss home. Emily misses her family, friends, and her car because of being able to go wherever whenever. Emily is very independent and easy going that she can make her surroundings and people she meets feel like home to her.