Dom Regan is a senior sports marketing student at St. Joes. He is originally from outside of Atlanta, Georgia in the suburban area of East Cobb.

Dom decided to come all the way from Georgia to St. Joe’s due to his interest in the sports marketing program, as well as receiving a good amount of scholarship money. However, he has now opened his mind to having a career in different fields.

This past summer, Dom worked as an operations intern with a company called OTR Capital in Atlanta. The company is a part of the logistics industry, as they are a freight factoring company that pays truckers same day for their deliveries. While this internship was not related to sports or marketing, he still found it to provide great experience working in a professional environment.

Since this is Dom’s last year in college, he plans to return to OTR Capital after graduation for a full time position. He is interested in being back home in Atlanta for a few years, then maybe venturing out to other cities if his career permits it. Dom is also open to trying to work in the sports industry after working professionally in other fields for a little while

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