Cat Wallace did not have an easy decision to make when she was figuring out the next four years of her life a little more than a year ago.

She knew that she wanted to go to school in a city area, but was left to figure out which university would end up being her home away from home. This freshman Communications major is a long way from home, 2,900 miles to be exact. Cat was looking at various schools all located in the Philadelphia area. The change of scenery from California to Pennsylvania was not something that scared Cat, but rather excited her. She was not afraid to make such a big life change.

The idea of going so far away for college is extremely daunting to most. This choice for Cat to go so far away from home definitely made her parents a little uneasy. They did not love the idea of their daughter being so far away from home, but they were able to accept it. Cat flew in with her parents on move-in day, the day she had been looking forward to all summer. She is spending her first year at SJU living in the Lafarge dorm with about 8 other girls.

Cat has realized that living with other students is definitely an adjustment, but has been a lot of fun. She is handling the distance very well and is excited about the opportunities that are ahead of her. As a Communications student, she has a lot of things she wants to get involved in.  The Hawk News and Writing Center have caught Cat’s interest and are two things that she is excited to get involved with as she continues her journey at SJU.