With the final spring semester just around the corner, the seniors are becoming restless. With only a few months of their college careers left, some are starting to realize that they have not done everything that they wanted to do within their college career. What is most important as a senior, is to leave no stone upturned. You shouldn’t graduate with regrets about how you wish you could’ve taken advantage of the opportunities in college.

Seniors Carolan and Andrew. Photo taken by Eric Lombardo.

Seniors Carolan Donovan, Andrew D’Agostino, and Ryan Schuck were able to share some of their bucket list experiences in college that they would recommend younger students do before they graduate. Here’s the lists that they came up with:


  • Take advantage of the city as much as possible because there’s still cool sightseeing, restaurants, and bars to be discovered.
  • Get a pet. “I got a dog this year. It’s good to come home to and relieve stress”
  • Visit the neighboring Philly schools. If you have friends that go to the other Philly school definitely visit them because each school is fun in there own way!
  • Join clubs. I didn’t join that many clubs and I regret  it.


  • Study Abroad: I went to Italy for a semester. Amazing experience. Cool to see another country’s way of living, and of course the food was amazing.
  • Play an intramural sport: Something really fun to do with your friends.
  • Live in Manayunk: It’s a fun town to live in your senior year with your friends. Not too far from school, and a lot to do on the weekends.
  • Get an Internship: This is important to do because it helps you get a foot in the real world, and overall a great learning experience.
  • Spring break with your friends: Went to Mexico last year. Fun experience to share with your friends from school and cool to meet kids from other universities.
Senior Ryan doing work. Photo taken by Eric Lombardo.


  • Learn studying methods that work best for you as soon as possible.
  • Make good relationships with your professors.
  • Find a balance between having fun, and working hard.
  • Join clubs. “I didn’t think I’d be interested in any, but it is worth it in the end. You make friends and helps you form relationships to get jobs later in life.” 

Start thinking about your senior bucket list so you can accomplish all that you want before you graduate!




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