Making money during college has never been harder. COVID-19 has hindered the global job market and college students are struggling more than ever to find part time jobs that provide them the cash they need to be successful during college. After researching many different ways for college students to make cash fast, the following four job opportunities are most accessible to college students while they continue with their complex schedules and education.

Make some extra cash. Picture taken by Jaden Barling

1:Uber Eats

Use a car, scooter, or even bicycle to deliver meals throughout your city. A flexible job that allows you to work on your own time without a schedule. Uber Eats provides easy access to payments and allows up to 5 instant payments a day rather than waiting a full week for payments. The easy application process of providing photo identification and car information through the Driver App allows easy access for people who want to apply. With more than 20 hot spot locations in the Philadelphia area, this is an accessible and fun job for those with limited time in their schedules. 


Use your voice to make money. Picture taken by Jaden Barling

If you enjoy speaking, think about making money with your voice. With VoiceOver voice actors can easily get their start in voice acting. With no experience being required, Voices provides thousands of media sources such as books and podcasts, to give you tips and tricks on how to become a better voice actor. Voices advertises that voice actors can make upwards of $100 each 30 seconds they record. Advertisements, voice books, animation voice overs, podcasting, and telephone communications are some of the top forms of voice acting that can be accessed through Voices. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who seek to work in the comfort of your own home, try new styles of acting, and provide easy access to material for those who want to listen rather than read.


Advertise for your favorite brand and make a monthly income of $300-1500 or more! 

All you have to do is use your car as the form of advertisement. Many locations are available to have the advertisement wrapped onto the car. It is easy, simple, and done by professionals. All there is to do is fill out the driver application, choose the brand that you like, have the car wrapped, and earn money.

4:Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing provides a creative outlet for those who have extra time and new ideas on how to run marketing campaigns. Similar to a brand ambassador, affiliate marketers prompt products for various companies and receive compensation each time a product or service is promoted. To get started simply find online affiliate markets that help connect you with companies that need promoters. The websites are free and relatively easy to use, and this allows you to connect quickly and directly with companies. While this may seem like a less direct way to start making money, it allows for a creative hands on opportunity to work during the pandemic.

Use your laptop to market. Picture taken by Jaden Barling

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