Relieve Stress on these Scenic Fall Trails


Feeling stressed? Need to get out of your own head? Go for a run!

Exercise in general, but especially running, is one of the best ways to relieve stress. According to an article from the Mayo Clinic, a non-profit medical center, running increases your endorphin levels being produced which results in an analgesic feeling; with an increase of endorphins comes a decrease in stress, depression, and anxiety.

It’s understandable that not everyone loves to run. It’s time consuming and frankly, just unappealing to most. That’s why finding the perfect running spot is crucial. Philadelphia is filled with great spots to run, you just need to find them.

Fairmount Park offers different trails with varying difficulties.

Running in a space that’s right for you is essential to calming your stress. As Saint Joe’s students, we are lucky to be surrounded with a variety of spots to run. These spots offer beautiful fall views, are great for all runners, and give you a chance to get away from the busyness of college life.

For a suburban feel, Latches Lane is the spot. Located behind the Lower Merion side of campus and lined with breathtaking houses, Latches Lane offers a calming neighborhood to take a run through.

Bike riders on Latches Lane.

If running on trails through parks is something you’re more in to, you’re in luck as there are a bunch of parks just minutes from St. Joe’s. Merion Botanical Park, Fairmount Park and Manayunk Canal are the places to go. All of these spots have inviting scenery that will take your mind off whatever you’re stressing over and before you realize it, you’ll be feeling better.

For a more urban trail, try Cynwyd Heritage Trail which snakes through Lower Merion before running parallel to the Schuylkill. While this location still offers safe trails, it gives off a less naturey vibe. With a beautiful bridge and lined with apartment buildings, Cynwyd Heritage Trail allows you to run in a civilized place that isn’t quite as busy, noisy, or annoying as the streets of Philly.

Reduce stress and enjoy yourself all while running. View running as an inviting hobby that brings calmness and positivity into your life by running near campus, rather than a looming tasks you have to get down in a crowded gym somewhere.


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