If you do not already know, April is Alcohol Awareness month. Last year as a freshman in college, I witnessed first-hand how addiction can impact a young college undergraduate. With a large majority of our students under the legal drinking age, it is sometimes hard to believe that substance abuse even exists at this age. It is important that we can recognize the signs when you or someone you know may have an alcohol or drug dependency. As a freshman, it never occurred to me that one of my friends was struggling until that person had told me. Since this was someone who I was so close to, I knew that the best thing for me to do was just be supportive of their recovery. It is easy to judge and look the other way but I figured that was not going to do anything but worsen their situation. After attending a couple of meetings with my friend at school, I learned about SJU’s very own “Flock” started by the WADE (Wellness, Alcohol, & Drug Education) program. Unless you have been over to WADE yourself or know someone who has, you probably didn’t know what it was. The Flock is simply a safe environment at SJU where you can meet with a group of supportive and non-judgmental people if you have been affected by substance abuse in any shape or form. After recently talking to my friend and seeing her in a much better place I noticed how educating myself and just being understanding really helped my friend through her recovery. The Flock at SJU is not only here to help people but just as importantly, spread awareness about an epidemic that has impacted more students and young people across the nation.


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