Too short to leave, Thanksgiving break means many international students  don’t have the opportunity to go home. So what do the students do that stay on campus during Thanksgiving break?

Imani N. Briscoe, Program Coordinator at the Center for Inclusion and Diversity, explained that Saint Joseph’s University provides limited services to students who stay on campus. The Writing Center and O’Pake, for example, remain open, but most residence halls are closed.

To ensure that you will have a place to stay over the duration of Thanksgiving break, Briscoe tells us, I recommend students that will stay in campus over break, double-check the Residence Life information sheet, in order to verify if your residence hall will stay open during break.” If you are planning to stay here on campus this upcoming fall break make sure you take advantage of what is available to you but most importantly, stay cozy!

Students can also support fellow Hawks on the  Women’s Basketball team as they take on Niagara University on November 20th at 7:00 and Rider University Novemeber 24th at 12:00.

Senior Brian Lavy, who is from Panama, said that there really aren’t many exciting opportunities or gatherings going on during the break. Since a majority of students go home, it is not a priority for the university to cater to these stranded students.

Listen below to what Lavy has to say about his experiences staying on campus during Thanksgiving break, how he feels about Thanksgiving, and how visas work for international students.



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