Being at Saint Joseph’s University is a gift that keeps on (Thanks)giving.

Thanksgiving is next week and the Hawks flying back to their nests, it’s time to start counting your blessings and begin looking back on everything you’re thankful for. With everything this university has to offer to its students, there’s a lot to be grateful for here at Saint Joseph’s University.

To get a better idea at what offerings – from job opportunities to friendships – are the most important to everyone here, we asked students what made them thankful for Saint Joseph’s University.

When it comes to work opportunities and jobs that the university offers, students appreciate the co-op program, which gives students real-life work experience and accommodates it with their class schedules.

For academics, students brought up how the smaller class sizes and the conversational nature of classes help them thrive in their studies and pushes them to move forward and try harder in classes.

Socially, students are thankful for the community of students in the school, and how it helps you thrive and get to know many of your fellow students through similar interests and programs such as clubs, fraternities, and sororities.

For extracurricular activities, students love the university’s many sports programs, which help them work in teams and build close bonds with their teammates that last for years.

Thanksgiving is all about counting your blessings, so thank Saint Joseph’s University for everything it has done for you.


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