Working out is supposed to be a stress-reliever, right? Well many SJU girls have found it to be quite intimidating when working out in O’Pake. The gym is incredibly small. If you’ve never been there, picture about 50 people all trying to squeeze and workout in a room a little bit bigger than the Fishbowl in Campionalso filled with equipment. It smells, its hot, and can we talk about how only boys go there?

This is probably because so many girls are intimated of going, and I’m not saying the boys are the ones at blame. Being surrounded by a bunch of people you are in class with when you’re sweaty and not too sure what you’re doing could be potentially embarrassing.

As someone who has been working out in a gym setting since high school, I was able to adjust pretty quickly, and even learned that if you need help picking up the weights, the boys will be glad to help you! You’re all there for the same reason, right? So heres my girl’s guide to navigating O’Pake.

Bring a buddy

Knowing you’re not alone in a situation can make something go from uncomfortable to tolerable pretty quickly. Going to the gym with a friend is great because you can motivate each other to get fit, and to step out of your comfort zone at the gym.

Sandcastle Fitness Blog

Don’t be confined

Don’t feel like you need to stay at the location you started at – even if its busy. Get up, move around, try different machines and work outs.

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Create a plan before coming

Set up a workout plan before arriving to the gym. This helps you manage your time while you’re there and keeps you from feeling lost and confused.

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Most importantly – be comfortable

Keep in mind, when you’re at the gym everyone is there to achieve the same thing – to feel good and be the best version of themselves. Feel comfortable in your own skin, and push yourself to your limits. Do your thing, girl!

Body Focus

~ Erin Paccione ’19





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