When you hear the 5 Love Languages, what do you think? French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian? No, those are the Romance languages. The 5 Love Languages are how you express love to your partner or significant other. These are physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and gift giving. Which one are you?

  • Physical Touch– needing a hug to ensure comfort from your loved one. Shows protection and strength over their loved one.

  • Quality Time– needs time alone to make memories with your loved one. Shows the time put into the relationship.

  • Acts of Service– needs their loved one to help others. Shows passion for helping others in need.

  • Gift Giving– needs gifts from their loved one. Shows that they are loved by receiving gifts.

The 5 love languages are an interesting way to look at how love is given or received. People in the world are different and theses different ways of love show that. Many people say they need all, but there’s always one that they need more to feel loved.


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