Hey Everyone! I want to say thank you all for viewing and going along with this review on the Southern-Korean Hit Show, Kingdom. Netflix’s original series “Kingdom” takes zombie-horror to a whole new level. Gladly appreciate the time and research watching this spectacular show, but will never forget the thrill of zombies eating humans. The plot of the story was well written by Kim Eun-hee and directed by Kim Seong-hun, which means it is no better time to binge-watch a feudal drama about this kingdom beast by corrupted councils, leaders, and zombies that walk in the night/day. Following the fantastic cinematography, mind-blowing, and decisions by the director, who made the show entertaining and fearful. However, what it lacks in the plot is how well the surroundings on-screen brought to life. Six episodes remain in a season one that is worth the thrill to watch.

Recap of the Final Episode:


In the previous episode of the Kingdom, the Five Armies shut off Hanyang from the rest of the country to protect the capital from the zombies. Meanwhile, Lee Chang and company arrived in Sangju and sought out the help of Lord Ahn Hyeon.

Is this a program that you are willing to take seriously and spend a lot of time with?

These thoughts come to mind when watching this fantastic show, which is the exposure of action and horror mixed in one. I would take most of the time to watch this episode repeatedly because of the fight for survival. The tone sets the scene as all the cards are placed on deck, locking down half the region from others. They are keeping the Prince inside. Now he has to fight and stay alive to get back to the capital to expose the truth of the Clan did.



The queen sought out Cho Hak-Ju and questioned his orders. She finally agreed with his plan to quarantine the capital after some thinly veiled threats were made against her unborn child. Cho assured the queen that he would personally bring Lee Chang to justice for his crimes. The commander of the army in Sangju went to Ahn and told him of the Five Army’s actions. The commander believed that Lee Chang had to be turned over and the gates would be re-opened. Ahn agreed to let the commander take Chang to the Five Armies. The Royal Army had infiltrated Sangju and prepared to arrest Chang. Lord Ahn arrived at Chang’s residence and executed the entire Royal Army for conspiring against the throne. 

Is the makeup natural? Does the makeup convey something about the character?

The makeup represents Cho’s personality in this scene. It’s shown across his face and body expression as his greed of power and seeking revenge on the Prince. His eyes targeted on the Prince’s back and wanting only to seek revenge on him. His demeanor displayed the evil within him, which causes fear and harm, among others in this scene. The character plans to trap the Prince inside the infected area by closing all the gates to every town across the region with no way out. It’s all about who will be the next King to run the throne, and he seeks to prevent the Prince from taking the crown. No matter the cost.




Lord Ahn revealed to Chang that one of his companions had to be Cho Hak-ju’s information source as no one else knew Chang was in Sangju. Chang told the Sangju army commander the real reason for the gates being shut. Chang ordered the commander to be relieved of his position, and Ahn agreed. The commander was escorted out of the city. Chang had the gates of the city of Sangju opened and attempted to move the entire population to the southern half of the town. There they could fend off the zombies as it was surrounded by water, which the zombies feared. Preparations and fortifications were made throughout the city for that night’s battle against the zombies.

How do the physical actions of the characters reveal their personalities and/or motives?

The Prince seems to express his physical actions usage of conducting orders and demanding that things change. He continues to fit more into his leadership role as a future king. It reveals the genuine emotion and expression starting to show in this scene. As the next King, he needed to move an entire population to the other side of the town in the brisk of day. Before the night hits, he and his men can fend off the zombies while keeping everyone safe. This motive he took as a leader to risk his life for the ones who did not believe in him to be a good King. He showed the growth to lead his men into battle to fight against and protect the innocents.

Final Battle


Back in Sangju, Seo-bi and the Jiyulheon magistrate went herb hunting. She quickly learned of a place called Frozen Valley that had been deemed dangerous. Seo-bi made her way to Frozen Valley, likely in search of the fabled resurrection plant, which had started the zombie infection. She found the plant and gathered some, but the pair were beset upon by a fearsome group of zombies.  The sun fell, and the living prepared to fight the dead, but the sun rose with no zombies being seen or heard. In the morning, everyone came to a horrifying revelation, that the sunlight did not affect the zombies, it was the heat of the daytime that put them to sleep. With winter came the never-ending onslaught of the undead.

Is there closure or delay until the next episode? How is this presented?

In the last scene, the closure seemed to delay until the following event because the characters learned new information about what started the resurrection of the dead but failed to realize the outcome towards the end. This part of the scene describes how the nurse came upon the plant and realized this was the cause of the outbreak, but the weather change was another major issue. In the past episode following up to this one, the zombies always seemed to run away and hide in dark spots acting like they were asleep. Now since the weather changed, the whole dynamic of the series was reversed. The zombies stayed awoke night and day, bringing more crises. It presented itself through the transformation of the zombies’ behavior and ability to now arise in day cause of the cold climate changes.