Welcome back, everyone! Outside of Southen Korea, Netflix has steadily become the best place to watch Korean TV, and the jewel in its crown is Kingdom.  The zombie slash drama puts The Walking Dead to shame when it comes to rabid pacing and genuine scares. Some that didn’t know Netflix’s Original series  “Kingdom,” announced that it had given the production a series order for the first season. Even before the first season, Netflix announced that they would be making a second season. The first season received critical acclaim from critics and the audience. I reviewed all the information that I gathered, shockingly not knowing that Netflix decided to come back with season two, including maybe a third. I did not expect the series to go back out with another season, but Netflix was confident enough to order season two before the first chapter even dropped. I recently found this out myself then wanted to make clear that the series will continue its compelling story. 

As we redirect the focus back onto the review, cause the volume in excitement grew, and the suspense is starting to become intense. I continue with the rest of the episodes searching for the answer to my question, “Is the King’s sickness an implement to a mysterious “plague,” causing the dead to come back to life? Surprisingly in Episode 2, it starts to unravel piece by piece of the highlighted part of this pandemic.

Episode 2 Breakdown.

First Scene.

In this scene, Prince Chang and his guard arrived at the house that’s been barricaded from the outside and reinforced with bamboo spears facing the inside to keep the occupants inside rather than invaders out. Climbs the walls to investigate and then lets the Prince inside. They find a mass of black and bloodied bodies bunched under the porch and a ring of bloodied bamboo spears. No one inside is alive, but Seung-hui’s body is not among the dead. Call the local authorities, who pull out the shapes and take them to the Magistrate’s office in Dongnae investigate. Their arrival interrupts the newly appointed Magistrate Beom-Pal’s drunken celebration. Time to get to work. Their only suspect for the deaths is Yeong-sin, who has been seen around the area collecting bamboo to make the spears designed to keep the building’s zombies.

Does the program have a signature look? If so, describe it.

Yes, I love the signature meaning that “Blood Will Spill,” representing a bloody struggle for no one can trust anyone cause it’s the fight to survive not to live. The Prince’s battle between the living and the undead in Joseon is just beginning. The royal court is teeming with snakes, the zombies are coming, and the crown prince has a nation to save.

Middle Scene.

Pictured in this scene, as the Prince searches across the country for the Physician, he witnesses the terrible poverty and hunger of the villagers, but still, he has not learned to treat them with compassion. They find a villager who tells them the nurse Seobi had been asking about the resurrection plant that grows in the Frozen Valley. The plant is fabled to raise the dead. The Prince and Muyeong ride there and find Seobi, who tells them the story of what took place at Jiyulheon, connected to what happened at Hanyang, and that the plant is responsible.

How do the scenes build on one another?

Each scene gives a general background of what’s going to happen next, but they stay on the same storyline. The scenes continue to view the essential parts taken from them to describe the purpose of the stage. I reviewed the scene switch in this episode, how each scene redirected into different sections that all were similar.

Climax scene.

Represented in this scene, the Prince suspects that his father is one of these zombie monsters and asks for proof. Seobi says that Physician Lee’s journals kept back at Jiyulheon. Muyeong and Seobi go to warn the Magistrate in Dongnae while the Prince goes to retrieve the journals. Then He was confronted by the Royal Army at Jiyulheon. The commander makes a good point that the Prince was merely born into luck as the King’s son and has done nothing else to distinguish himself, and yet looks upon others as if they are below him. They fight, and in the process, uncover the body of Physician Lee just as the sun is setting. Lee attacks the royal guards, turning them into zombies.

What do you think is the expected reaction from the audience?

If the Prince would make a good leader of the Dynasty for can, he lives up to the challenge to present himself as a King of the people, but not entitled to the greed of power. Does he live up to the potential to save the nation from an uprise of the dead? I think their reaction is to see the Prince make it to the town to save the people before its too late. Can he be the Prince they need him to be to protect the people?

End Scene.

End of the scene, the bodies reanimate after sunset, so they must rush back to town to save everyone. The Prince discovers that they can be stopped by cutting off their heads. He escapes and runs back to town. They are trying to stop the dead from affecting and spreading the disease to thousands.

Do you talk to your friends about the program?

I do highly suggest to my friends, family, and relatives about this show. As the purpose of the show is always to question and wondering what’s going to happen next. But I do speak a lot of episodes, in particular, cause so much going on at once like you have to pay close attention. In Episode 2, especially for everything, is starting to unfold in the scene up top. I don’t try to spoil the show too much, but where would be all the fun in that.

Thank you all for reviewing this with me and see you next time!