Hey guys, missed me? I hope so! I am back and ready to update you with the newest review of the week. As Netflix gets better and better, things just grow intense in the episode. My review is starting to grasp the underlining behind this plot. I read this particular piece by this author named, Sean T. Collins, describing his view on episode three from Kingdom as a “makes about the evils of the aristocracy or the cruelty of the class system—and in this episode, it makes plenty—are the seasoning, not the main ingredient.” He thinks this episode has two plots happening at once, which makes the storyline break off into two critical topics.

In episode three of the Kingdom, the zombies are loose in Dongnae, and those still left alive struggle to survive the night.  In the last event, it was calm early with massive zombie-attack carnage at the end, and this episode features the opposite approach, with the first 20-ish minutes some of the best-flowing undead attack sequences I’ve seen recently.

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Beginning Scene.


In the previous episode of Kingdom, the bodies of the villagers left in the small village were found and taken to the magistrate’s office, the bodies re-animated and killed all at the magistrate’s office.

What interests you about the story or the contents of the program?

I loved the scene when the zombies try to get to the characters who were stuck in the jail cells. When you think of zombies trying to break out of places, not break into them, and the fact that this is one of the few times that, as a living person, you’d actually want to be locked in a jail cell.

To the above point, add in this hilarious setup: two jailed guys who were physically connected by a common stockade-style board on their necks.  One guy bit and turned into a zombie – so now, for the other guy, you have a zombie uncomfortably close to you but at the same physically unable to get to you. 

Middle Scene.


Mu-yeong, Seo-bi, and the magistrate all managed to survive the zombie attack. Throughout the night the zombies managed to spread through the entire province of Dongnae. Chang managed to flee from the zombies on foot and made his way to the waiting Mu-yeong. The pair quickly figured out that in order to permanently kill the zombies you must sever their brain stems. Therefore, they set off for the Royal Barracks, to inform them of the zombie threat and how to defeat them.

Are certain actors given special lighting? How can you tell this?

The main character, given all the special lighting, has to be Seo-bi cause she studies and understands what is causing the people to turn into bloodthirsty monsters. In this picture, people are running and hiding to get away from the massacre that took place. I can tell that the nurse has all the answers that the Prince needs to know how to stop the plague from worsening. She is the key to all of this, without her knowledge, the epidemic will take over Korea.

Climax Scene.


With the light of the new day, the survivors of the attack at the magistrate’s office began to parse through the charred wreckage of their settlement. The survivors convened in the courtyard and discussed how to best combat the zombie threat. Seo-bi advised burning the bodies, but the families of the nobly-born were resistant to the idea. The magistrate decided to burn the bodies of all the peasants and hold proper funerals for the nobly-born. All of a sudden, Chang strode in and made his identity known. Chang ordered all corpses be burned by nightfall and sent a messenger to Hanyang to inform them of the tragedy that had befallen the province of Dongnae. 

Does the program have a personality or an actor whom you enjoy watching?

The Prince’s personality starts to unfold as I witness something different out of him. He brings a demanding and authorized attitude to this scene. I was hastened at first because he seemed all about himself at the beginning of the first episode, but his posture showed genuine care for the people. I enjoyed this moment cause the Prince reached a disquieting conclusion and vowed to fight back. He did not turn away from his people when there in dying need, but promised to risk his life to protect them. He took the lead that I did not expect him to do but made his presence known.

End Scene.


Back in Dongnae, the magistrate called for Seo-bi to be brought to his personal chambers. The magistrate attempted to seduce her, but she mistook his advances for a medical problem. Consequently, she diagnosed the magistrate with gonorrhea. Mu-yeong interrupted and took Seo-bi to see Lee Chang. Seo-bi recalled how physician Lee Seung-hui had noted that the zombie virus had mutated and how he had died on the night of the initial outbreak in Jiyulheon. Chang resolved to find the resurrection plant responsible for the outbreak and reverse engineer a cure for the zombie disease. Also, Chang told Mu-yeong that the king had died and had been treated with the resurrection plant. The nobles evacuated the village by a lone boat in the harbor.

When the show comes to an end, is there closure, or is the plot left open until next time?

When each episode ends, it always leaves a plot left open until next time. It drags the viewers into the plot because you’re wondering what’s going happen next if you keep watching. It never ends with a closure cause the plot continues to grow, then the viewers think. In episode three, this ends off with the magistrate leaving on a boat with all the noblemen alone, which they did not realize the hidden body in the hold. They fought about saving themselves first, but did not know the worst was yet to come. it never seems to end off a good note, making the audience want to continue watching the show.  

As the series continues to move at a steady pace, expertly blending royal political machinations with good old-fashioned zombie carnage.  With only three episodes left in the season, I am hoping that we start to get a bit more information and answers to the inner workings of the royal family and how this situation may resolve itself.

Thank you all for reading along with me! See you next time for my best one yet!