Hey Guys! I’m back, and am better! We are near to the ending of the review on the South- Korean hit show Kingdom. I reviewed the traits of other shows that share the same similarities as the Kingdom. Did you guys know that Netflix’s Kingdom handles death better than the Walking Dead? In its second season, the Kingdom shows how to do death in a zombie-ridden world way better than The Walking Dead. I have to agree that cause the action and humor portray in the episodes bring excitement to every viewer, in my opinion. Back on topic, my review on episode 4, where their elected officials have abandoned the peasants. The Prince must lead his people to safety while evading both the zombies and the Royal Army. Lord Cho learns of his son’s death and vows merciless revenge.

Kingdom Episode 4 Recap.

Beginning Scene.


Chang and Mu-yeong went to the docks and found the ship that had fled with the nobles on board. Seo-bi advised Chang to take all of the survivors to Jiyulheon as the zombies would have a hard time getting into the village. Chang agreed and took the villagers to Jiyulheon. Along the forest path to Jiyulheon, the group noticed many more zombies in hiding and so they sprinted to Jiyulheon. Just as the zombies awoke, the villagers passed into the relative safety of the ruined settlement of Jiyulheon. They closed and fortified the gate which held the flesh-hungry creatures at bay for the night. Meanwhile on the boat, one of the nobles had brought her zombified son on board. It got out of its cage and wreaked havoc on the boat.

Can viewers recognize their own fallibility in the characters in the program?

Like Cho Beom-pal, some characters are the magaintsen, who tend to make mistakes or be wrong. He listened to those who had only the best interest in themselves to live but sacrificed over a hundred people to protect themselves. This scene represents the cowardness and foolish acts taken to leave behind the people in the time of need when zombies are killing off half of the population. I could not stand him for he knew it was wrong to leave all those people there with no way out or anywhere to go. Later on, a stowaway body was placed on board underneath their noses then released wreaking havoc across the ship, but doesn’t karma hurt.

Middle Scene.


The sun rose and with it, the fear of a zombie attack subsided for the time being.  Chang ordered the wounds be treated and food be prepared. Seo-bi helped the injured get cleaned and Chang learned of the poor nutrition of the common folk of the region. Chang decided to give his personal food stash to the people, as they needed it far more than he did. Chang announced his intention to go and visit Lord Ahn Hyeon in the city of Sangju. He was approached by a villager, who offered to guide them to Sangju, as the villager was from Sangju.  The Royal Army arrived at Jiyulheon and ordered Chang to surrender and be arrested on charges of treason. The army began shooting arrows into Jiyulheon, killing many and setting fire to most of the buildings.

What emotional appeals are present? How are they conveyed?

The sense of everything was coming to an end with the lack of food, water, and shelter. Prince Chang saw his people’s desperate cries as they were suffering and scared out of their minds. At that moment, he knew which was to take charge, demanding that their wounds were treated and food prepared. The Prince displayed a feeling of empathy and fear cause his people were hungry and fighting to stay alive from zombies. The Prince conveys his anger through the voice of leadership while tending the people’s needs while trying to protect them from the monsters.

Climax Scene.


After a lengthy standoff, the army invaded Jiyulheon. Through a series of sneak attacks, Chang and Mu-Yeong were able to escape along with the surviving villagers. The villagers set off for Sanjeong. Chang, Mu-Yeong, Seo-bi, and their guide set off to Sangju to meet with Lord Ahn Hyeon. Back in Hanyang, the head of the scholars went to meet with the king but was met by the queen. She ordered them to leave, but the head of the Haewon Cho Clan allowed the scholars to see the king. The head of the Haewon Cho Clan showed the scholars the king’s zombified state and explained that the disease was ravaging the southern area of the country. The head scholar, Kim Sun, was arrested for conspiring with Lee Chang and taken to be beheaded.

What ordinary personal issues and attributes are recognizable?

Reviewing this scene, I started to see similarities from the scene to reality how greed for power can drive someone to take over the throne no matter the cost, how the need for power started to show out more and more. Like how Trump uses his authority against his citizens cause he thirsts for the will of power. I reviewed the behavior and recognized that sooner or later, the truth was going to reveal about what Lord Cho did to the KIng—securing his power. Compared to Trump, he fires anyone who does not agree or supports his campaign, as he thinks there is against his authority.

End Scene.


The Queen is confused by Lord Cho’s actions, but his recklessness is explained when he tells her of her brother’s – his son’s – death. He vows the Prince and all his followers will die. He warns her that anyone who gets in his way will not be forgiven. He tells her never to try to stop him again. And that she better have a son, or else all their plans to inherit the throne are ruined. As if she could control the gender of her child.

What mood is evoked by the lead-in and by the credits?

This scene’s mood evoked ending with the credits, following the sense of anger and revenge because of the death of a loved one who was murdered by the hands of the enemy. I witnessed the mood escalate in an aggressive and hatred way now, and he could care less about anything else. He seeks to have the throne for himself but desires to have no one get in his way. The ending finishes with Lord Cho showing his face full of anger and seeking revenge against the Prince. Turning the whole tables as he did care about nothing else but the Queen having a son and seeking revenge on the Prince.