A Brief History

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is a manga/anime series written by Hirohiko Araki. The first part of the manga was originally released in January of 1987, subtitled “Phantom Blood.” This part followed the titular character, Jonathan Joestar (JoJo), in 1800s England, as he feuds against Dio Brando, his step brother, who is also a reoccurring villain in the series. Now, 30 years later, the manga has gone all the way up to eight different parts, all following the Joestar bloodline. The manga series was also been adapted to an anime starting in 2012. The series is also know for not only cultural references found in the series, but also the ways that the series have had an influence on pop culture.

The Series Itself

All eight JoJo’s drawn by Araki

Throughout the span of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, there have been many characters and scenarios, this is a brief summary of each part.

  • Part 1: Phantom Blood- 1987
    • In the 19th century, Jonathon Joestar lives in the wealthy Joestar estate with his family and his adopted brother Dio Brando. After Jonathon discovers Dio’s plot to reject humanity, become a vampire, and kill their father, he must learn the ancient technique of Hamon from William Zeppeli to defeat his brother’s plot to get power and wealth.
  • Part 2: Battle Tendency- 1987
    • During the second world war, Joesph Joestar, the grandson of Jonathon is tasked with defeating ancient Aztec “Pillar men,” Kars, Esidesi, and Wamuu. Joesph’s companions are Caesar Zeppeli, the grandson of William Zeppeli and Lisa Lisa, the woman who helps Joesph learn Hamon. The Pillar men’s goal is to become the ultimate life forms and take over humanity.
  • Part 3: Stardust Crusaders- 1989
    • Fifty years after Joseph defeats the Pillar men, the existence of stands is brought into the world. A stand is the manifestation of someone’s soul, named a stand because of how it stands by its user. Dio has resurfaced, and now also has a stand. This part follows Jotaro Kujo, a 17 year old Japanese student, who works with his grandfather, Joesph Joestar, the forutune teller, Muhammad Avdol, a fellow student, Noriaki Kakyion, and a Frenchman, Jean Pierre Polnarif. The men travel throughout Asia to Egypt, fighting various Stand Users on the way in order to defeat Dio and save Jotaro’s mom, Holly.
  • Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable- 1992
    • Josuke Higashikata is a 16 year old high school student who lives in a small town, Morioh. Morioh is a seemingly normal town. This status is only until people in the town start developing stands. There is also a serial killer lurking around killing innocent women and stealing their hands. Josuke is Joesph’s son, who is almost in his 80s. Joesph had an affair with Josuke’s mother when he was overseas in Japan. Josuke’s stand Crazy Diamond has the ability to heal as well as fix broken objects. This part is a murder mystery, as Josuke, his nephew, Jotaro (who is 10 years older than Josuke), the manga artist Rohan, and his two friends Koichi and Okayasu must solve the case and fight other enemy stand users to protect their quite town. This part also has a live action movie based off of it.
  • Part 5: Golden Wind- 1995
    • Golden Wind has one of the strangest connections to the Joestar bloodline. Giorno Giovanna is the son of Dio’s head on Jonathon’s body. Giorno lives in Italy and sees how awful the mafia is to the kids in his neighborhood. Giorno decides to join the mafia and try to take it out from the inside. With the help of Bruno Bucciarati and his gang Passione they attempt to take out the Boss, save his daughter, Trish, and stop the drug trade throughout Italy.
  • Part 6: Stone Ocean- 2000
    • Jolyne Cujoh, the daughter of Jotaro, is falsely accused of murder and is imprisoned in Florida. Jotaro goes to Florida to try to save the daughter that he left as they fight different enemy stand users, led by Enrico Pucci, a priest that wants to achieve heaven. Pucci is man that was very close to Dio before the events of Stardust Crusaders. This part is the last in the original universe.
  • Part 7: Steel Ball Run- 2005
    • In an alternate universe, it is the 19th century, and there is a transcontinental horseback race from California to New York. Johnny Joestar is a famous jockey that lost his legs in a gunshot accident; he learns the spin techinique to get back on a horse and try to win first place prize. Johnny works along side Gyro Zepellei to win the race. However, the president of the United States, Funny Valentine, has an secret motive, to collect the parts of an ancient corpse that will make the United States the most powerful nation in the world.
  • Part 8: Jojolion- 2011
    • Jojolion is still currently being created; the most recent chapter was just recently released on April 18. The story starts with Josuke “Gappy” Higashikata waking up on the beach with no memory. As the story progresses, Gappy meets people from his past and finds out more about his bizarre situation.

How our world has influenced the world of JJBA

Some references in the series

  • Josuke’s stand, Crazy Diamond is a reference to the Pink Floyd song of the same name.
  • Kars, Wamuu, and Esidesi are references to the bands, The Cars, Wham!, and ACDC.
  • The antagonist of Part 4, Yoshikage Kira’s stand, Killer Queen is a reference to the Queen song of the same name.
Kira and his stand, Killer Queen

How JoJo is seen in our world

  • Araki created the picture for the 2020 Tokyo paraolympics poster.
  • Billie Eilish is scene wearing a shirt of DIO.
  • Finally, the collaboration between JoJo and Gucci clothing brand.
Akari’s official Paraolympics poster for Tokyo 2020
Billie Eilish wearing a shirt of Dio, and his stand, The World
Jolyne, Abbacchio, and Bucciarati on the cover of a GUCCI magazine