Today I am reviewing Episode 3, “The Party’s Over”, of the Netflix original series  I Am Not Okay with This.

In this episode we learn that Sydney has slept with Stan but does not know how she feels about it and has a few situations where her telekinetic powers overwhelm her and spiral out of control. In one instance, she accidentally kills her brother Liam’s pet hedgehog when she has a panic attack in the basement. This happens when she is looking for puzzles for Liam and she realizes she has not been in that part of the house since her father’s death. Most of the episode takes place at a party where Syd tries to socialize but is clearly uncomfortable. When Sydney comes to a realization about herself it leads to another instance where her powers are out of her control except on a much larger scale. 

This episode of  I Am Not Okay with This, a Netflix original series, illustrates the “coming-of-age comedy-drama life” of regular American teens with the requisite angst. The relationships portrayed are intriguing, reflect today’s world in many ways, and convey the complexity of real teenage life and emotions.

In this episode we get more into Syd’s relationships with Stan, Dina and even her younger brother Liam, and start to see what a complex character Syd is. Syd realizes that she doesn’t like Stan as a romantic partner, she’s willing to comfort her brother about his dead pet and says a speech at the pet funeral that reflects on what she wishes you had said at her father’s funeral. She helps Liam by telling off the kid who is bullying him by trying to use her “force” powers on him, however to her and the audience’s surprise they don’t work for reasons not made clear. The relationship that’s the most interesting in this episode is the relationship between Dina and Syd. Near the end of the episode Dina has some kind of argument with Brad off screen and Syd tries to comfort her by saying “I guess you’re stuck with me” and Dina replies “I wanna be stuck with you”. Syd gives Dina a soft kiss confirming my suspicion in the first review about Syd having feelings for her. This leaves Dina a little confused thinking they only kissed because they were drinking and the heat of the moment. What I liked about this scene is that it shows a healthy trend with  open minded and modern day takes on relationships being portrayed in programming today.

Unlike the first two episodes, episode 3 does not open with Syd covered in blood walking down the street, demonstrating that not every episode will begin in this easy, as I had previously thought. In this episode, Stan mentions taking Syd to the homecoming dance which reminds me of Stephen King’s Carrie which showed us that the psychic girl at the prom always ends up with blood on them!  This episode’s plot is also driven by the characters actions and personalities.  We see Stan being his usual quirky self and trying to get Syd’s attention after hooking up with her at the end of the previous episode; it’s clear he wants to be something more with her, but Syd’s inner monologues tell us otherwise. Syd’s confidence with Dina continues to build in every scene, from choosing what clothes to wear together, to dancing together, to just laying on a bed to discuss their feelings. This all leads up to Syd’s revelation about why she likes to be around Dina and why she “Doesn’t like Stan”.

As mentioned before more and more characters on mainstream television shows are being written as members of the LGBTQ+ persuasion. It’s good for any entertainment format to have representation like this because it shows the growing evolution of not only network programming but is representative of the society we live in. This episode shows everyday teenagers facing everyday teenage issues. Stan continues his attempt to be suave nervously asking Syd to homecoming; every time she responds with a confused “maybe”, he continues to try and persuade her. In Syd’s head she keeps trying to tell him no but is too humble and awkward to bring the words forward. I can relate because I sometimes have those kinds of conversations with my own friends. Earlier in the episode Syd’s powers spiralout of control (while thinking about her father committing suicide) and she accidently kills Liam’s hedehog Banana Wigglesworth (still love that name). They throw him a shoebox funeral and even get dressed up in black suits as if it were an actual funeral. It’s a nice, subtle scene that reflects real life pet deaths and demonstrates more of Syd’s loving relationship to Liam. And that’s my review for The Party’s over, Join me next week for a double feature, as we take a look at episodes 4 & 5