Chances are that if you click on this post, you might be feeling unmotivated this semester. Well, I am here to tell you, that you are not alone. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken so much from our generation, especially what is supposed to be the best time of our life, our college years. Therefore, I decided to interview some students throughout campus, to learn why they might be feeling unmotivated and these were their responses:

I do feel unmotivated this semester because it seems that no matter how hard you try, your work goes unnoticed and there is a huge lack of disregard for mental health.

– Jeniffer Gilern, ’22

I feel genuinely unmotivated this semester in comparison to other semesters due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and because every time I submit an assignment I feel that I get one after the other, I have no break to breathe.

– Maggie Flaherty, ’22

I feel 100% unmotivated, it did not help that the university took our breaks off this semester, for which the semester has felt extremely long and intense. Also, there is nothing to look forward too anymore and there is no concept of time whatsoever.

Diego Ramírez, ’22

Time keeps passing me by but I feel as if it’s still March 2020. Every achievement I have is through an email, every relationship I have created feels distant, every grade I get is just one step closer to finishing the semester, school has become a Submit Button.

María Fernanda Medina, ’22

Hopefully, these responses help remind you that you are not alone, we are all going through this. I myself am feeling unmotivated this semester, for which I have created what I call “The Dream Plan”. I developed “The Dream Plan” this semester, as I could not get myself to study or do any work, I just felt extremely unmotivated. I hope that this plan is able to help you find some sort of motivation to finish the semester strong.

“The Dream Plan”

1. Daily Reset

Daily Reset, start your day with a wall of images of your favorite places, positive reaffirmations, inspiring quotes, photos of family & friends, dreams, goals, and anything that brings you joy. Take 2-3 minutes each morning to look at your wall of pictures in order to acknowledge all the good in your life, this will improve your outlook throughout the day.

I would suggest making your wall of pictures in front of your bed, therefore, every time you wake up it will the first thing you see in the morning. It truly has been a gamechanger for me!

2. Wake Up and Make Your Bed

Making your bed instantly when you wake up, helps you develop a sense of productivity because the act of making your bed becomes your first accomplishment of the day. In your mind, you have already done something productive throughout the day, thus motivating you to keep going.

I realize this step sounds silly, but trust me, it really works. Since I started making my bed first thing in the morning, I have felt a sense of productivity that stays with me throughout the day. Regardless of whether I was actually productive or not, I always feel that at least I have done something. I realize it sounds unusual, but it works magic.

3. Social Media Detox Daily Break

Featuring Maggie Flaherty ’22

Schedule a time during your day to turn off all your social media and engage in some sort of outside activity. Social Media leads to procrastination and drains our energy without us noticing it, thus many times leading us to feel unmotivated.

Based on my own experience, spending too much time on social media can be draining as it leads you to feel unproductive, making you feel tired afterward. Do you ever feel disappointed in yourself after spending hours watching Tik Toks?

Social Media Detox Daily Break has become an important part of my routine as it has helped me regain my motivation, it is as simple as going on a walk with your friends. I am certain that incorporating this step into your daily routine, will increase your overall motivation.

4. Keep an Agenda and Write Everything Down

Having an Agenda will help free the clutter in your mind caused by all the things you have to do. Having everything organized on a physical piece of paper instead of relying on your mind to remember everything will help free your brain. The release of tension will in turn give you more energy and increase your motivation as you now know what you have to do, thus your agenda has you covered!

Personally, prior to owning an agenda I used to get extremely overwhelmed forcing my mind to remember everything I had to do. I was extremely reliant on it and would be mad with myself when I would forget something, in turn, this led me to feel unmotivated as I was not seeing the results that I wanted to see. However, using an agenda to keep me organized, helped me find my motivation once again. The best feeling is crossing off your assignments once they are completed, thus it produces an instant feeling of accomplishment.

5. Give Yourself a Break, Take a “Me Day

Imagine yourself in this beach with a delicious “Piña Colada”

“Me Day” is a concept I developed with the purpose of allowing yourself a whole day to rest and take a break from your everyday activities and responsibilities. Normally, you would take a “Me Day” before a hectic week of work, therefore giving yourself the time to recharge and regain energy and motivation to tackle the week ahead.

I realize this step is easier said than done, believe me, I get you. I know what it is to feel you need a break and not be able to do so because you have schoolwork that needs to get done, therefore, I created “Me Day”. Recently, I took a “Me Day” before the current week I am in since I knew that I would be swamped with work and have no time for myself. As a result, I now feel more motivated and refreshed and I am certain that because I allowed myself that time, I have survived up to this point.

I am certain that by following “The Dream Plan”, you will be able to find motivation within you to succeed in every aspect of your life, even when unmotivated. Times are hard for everybody but with the right attitude and routine, we can make the most of it. Always remember, you are not alone!