How Does Social Media Affect Your Study Habits? + Tips to Help


(Matthew Popeck/HawkChill)

Social media has been nothing new. Either right now during COVID-19 times or back when things were pretty normal, social media has always been present in our lives. Staying in touch through social media is something that most of us do daily. But, when does it become a problem? There could be many answers to that question but the one I will be addressing today is about our study habits and how social media plays a role in affecting it. 

For starters, I asked students within our SJU community four questions regarding social media use and studying. 

The first question was regarding how much time they felt they spent on social media. 

Based on the graphics and the twenty three students answers:

  •  The majority said they spent from 2 to 4 hours on social media being 47.8% (11) of students
  • The 30.4% (7) of students said more than 5 hours 
  • Lastly, the minority of students said they spent from 30 minutes to and hour being 21.7% (5)

The second question was much more direct and straightforward, and it was asking students if they used social media while they were doing their school work. 

The graphics show that out of the 23 students only one voted yes to not going on social media while doing their homework. This response put all the other students in the majority which means most students do go on social media while doing their school work. 

The third question was asking the students to assume the outcome of their time while doing homework if they didn’t do it on social media at all while doing their work. 

The responses show that all of the twenty-three students said yes. This question in general leads us to the problem of our social media affecting our stuffing habits, but we will get to that shortly. 

Lastly, the last question asked was, “Your phone usually tells you your screen time. How much time does it report on your most used social media apps?”

The answers definitely varied but the most common were the following: 

  • 1 and a half hours
  • 3 hours
  • 5 hours
  • 9 hours

Now that we’ve seen what many of the students who answered the survey said, we can proceed and talk about how social media in fact does affect our student habits and tips to overcome these problems.

According to the source Teacher Boards the use of social media affects our productivity and concentration. The article explains that social media leads students to procrastinate and decrease their productivity while completing school work. The article also highlights the most important signs to keep in mind in order to know if you’re spending to much time on your socials:

  • Checking your social media accounts is the first thing you do when you wake up and last thing you do before you go to sleep, with many intervals in between.
  • When studying, you are breaking too often to check Facebook or other platforms, thus making the task longer and more difficult to process.” 

We as students have to reflect on our social media use and we have to be aware of how much time we spend on it. It’s up to us to let it affect our student habits. 

Here are some tips on how to overcome spending a lot of time in social media: 

  • Don’t use your phone first thing in the morning. Go back to the old days and get an alarm clock, this way you can start your day without having to go on your phone at all and prevent social media use. 
  • Set specific periods of time to study. Make sure that when you start doing your schoolwork your phone isn’t close to you at all, this way you will be much more productive and will spend less time getting your work done. 
  • After you’re done with your schoolwork make sure to set a specific time to freely go on your phone. (Don’t use it for too long!)
  • Make a routine out of things where you’re forced to do other things but go on your socials. Start going to the gym, get lunch with your roommate, do your homework in the library… and etc. 

I highly recommend trying these tips out. I hope they work for you in order to let go of your socials and start focusing on your schoolwork more. I also hope they increase your productivity and reduce your stress!