Campion, Merion, Library, repeat. If you’re a student at Saint Joe’s, you know the drill. You’ve seen the P.O.D., you’ve seen where you can get mediocre bagels, but have you seen the full shooting studio? The on campus collection of colonial Mexican art? Snap out of your daily schedule and take advantage of what you’re already paying 60k a year to see.

Boland Hall on Lapsley Lane.

Boland Hall, right across from Bronstein down on Lapsley Lane is somewhere you’veprobably walked past a million times but never really seen. Being one of the two art buildings, Boland has a shooting studio, full dark room, pottery studio, kiln house and digital photo lab as if the fact that it looks like it could comfortably house Snow White and the freaking seven dwarfs any day of the week isn’t enough.

Pottery studio in Boland Hall.

Next time when you’re on your way to Wendy’s pause in your pursuits briefly to take a look at Loyola Center and Carriage House.  Ever wonder where all the Jesuits are on the Jesuit campus? Yeah, it’s there. There are 45 Jesuits living in the Saint Joe’s community and the Loyola Center is home to many, so next time you’re stoned out of your mind, trying to maneuver your way down City Ave to cop that 4 for 4, try to keep it down, the priests are sleeping.

Inside the Nicoletti Music Center.

No business and marketing school can be complete without a low low low key music school. The Nicoletti Music Studio             , hidden behind Opake and the tennis courts is probably somewhere you’ve never seen before on campus, which is definitely worth a stop by.

Outside of Toland Hall.

Toland Hall, wedged right in between Opake and the baseball field no one really knows we have, might be one of the coolest unknown facets of SJU life. Toland is the other art building, and while there is a pretty sick painting studio, the true gem is its extensive collection of colonial Mexican, Spanish and Argentinian artwork. This is the type of stuff that you weren’t even sure private residences were allowed to have.

Long story short, get to know your campus, because genuinely, if you’re not curious about the world around you, you’ll never find anything interesting, (and I mean, you’re already paying for it so what do you really have to lose).


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