Winter is approaching and the semester is in the homestretch. For the last two months, the warmth of the outdoors has been convenient for many college students. The tents on McGuire and Villiger Lawn have provided a place for students to get fresh air, eat and get work done. However, as the weather shifts, it forces students to change their studying environments. 

While walking around campus, we have observed and gathered some of the best indoor spots on campus for students to go and study. 

Photo by Hannah Madeya
Photo by Hannah Madeya
  1. Drexel Library 
    • One of the most obvious yet effective locations to get work done is at the school library. Drexel library provides a quiet place for students to use computers, books, and other useful resources to get work done. Whether you are a freshman living on campus or an upperclassman off-campus, the library is great for anyone. (Click here for their hours). 
Photo by Hannah Madeya
  1. Upstairs Campion, Sunrooms
    • After finishing up breakfast at Campion, bring your backpack upstairs to the sunrooms, to still get the feel of being outside, and get some work done for the day. This area is located on the second floor of Campion and has open space for students to come, relax, and quietly focus on their studies. 
Photo by Hannah Madeya
  1. Merion Hall – Einsteins 
    • As mentioned in “Midterm Study Spots”, which focuses on places to eat while studying, Einstein’s is the perfect location. You can grab a bagel or coffee and sit in the Atrium getting work done. This location is often mellow enough to stay on task, but also social enough to have a chat while drinking a warm cup of coffee. 
Photo by Hannah Madeya
  1. Empty classrooms 
    • Given current circumstances, classrooms have been more open for students to come in and get some work done. Grab a wipe and clean down a desk and you are all set. The empty classrooms allow students to still get the classroom feel even during their times online. 
Photo by Caroline Vita
  1. Campus Starbucks on City Avenue
    • Right off of City Ave, connected to the bookstore, is our campus Starbucks. If you enjoy the warm smell of a pumpkin spice latte while doing your work, this cafe spot is the perfect place for you. They are currently open for half capacity indoor sitting and plan to stay open through the winter season!  
  1. Common Rooms
    • Previously held as classrooms and student instruction spaces, the common rooms in McShain Hall are now great locations for freshmen to get out of their dorm room while not having to trek through the cold outdoors. Students have easy access to these rooms and they are the perfect places to meet up with other students from your building and get work done. This space was meant to be a classroom, so it is equipped with desks, whiteboards, and projectors. Even if you are not from McShain, other buildings have their own common space that allows you to get out of bed and move for the day.