With COVID-19 changing many normal day to day activities we wanted to sit down and speak with a member of the University’s women’s basketball team. Due to the pandemic the university has had to make changes in the way students attended classes, attended clubs, and more. When students arrived on campus in the fall students had to agree to the ICare Pledge which enforces safety protocols.  Specifically for athletics, the university created an entire plan for the athletics department.  

Women’s Basketball Schedule due to effects of COVID-19

We spoke with Katie Mayock who is a junior on the women’s basketball team on how the season has gone and what is different due to the pandemic. When asked how COVID-19 changed the basketball season , Mayock replied with “ This season, just like life in general, has been really different due to the pandemic. In the preseason we had to work out in masks & were separated into pods & it was definitely weird to not be working out all together. Once we got into the season we could work out without masks but had to sit separately on the bench & wear masks during games & on the bus. We also had to do a lot of off the court activities, like film sessions & meetings, on Zoom.

Photo of Student Athlete Katie Mayock

As many situations have changed due to the pandemic we asked how her team has continued to bond when so many restrictions were put in place. Mayock explained, “We were forced to keep our bubble tight during the season so we spent a lot of time together and became really close.” She then continued to explain about activities. “We also did a lot of team activities over Zoom where to keep things interesting we talked about things we wouldn’t normally talk about, allowing us to get to know each other better.” Mayock states “ I actually think the pandemic has given us an even closer bond as a team.” 

Although activities have had to change a little due to the current pandemic, Katie Mayock has explained how her team has adapted. We appreciate Katie taking the time to speak with us, and we wish her team the best of luck in the future.