Aaron Ehasz has proven to be great at developing characters, and it isn’t any different in The Dragon Prince.  Not only are the protagonists well developed,but also the antagonists.  The main 3 protagonists are Prince Ezran (the child crown prince of one of the human kingdoms), Rayla (a moon shadow elf assassin), and Prince Callum (Ezrans older stepbrother).  Those 3 characters find the egg of the dragon prince (which was believed to be destroyed) and journey to Xadia together to return the egg prince to its mother.

 Ezran starts out just like any normal elementary school aged kid.  He loved pasties, animals, and got into all sorts of mischief.  But on his journey he shows he’s not just a kid, he showed he’s capable of holding the power of his thrown, he showed great compassion, and his love for animals turned out to be a much deeper connection.  His older stepbrother Callum starts as a normal awkward early teen, he can barely wield a sword and he seemed to have an affinity for primal magic (non dark magic). 

 Ehasz wrote relatable characters whose good can be mirrored by viewers, he wrote Rayla as a brave but flawed teenage girl, Callum as the average Joe with potential, and Ezran as a sweet innocent boy who could remind a viewer of their childhood.