Halloween is around the corner where Americans dress up in costumes and eat tons of candy throughout the whole day. But this Halloween will look very different with the pandemic and how COVID-19 is effecting Halloween. With people getting ready for the big day there are a lot of companies that are struggling to sell costumes, candy, and other decorations for purchasing resources for Halloween. As the pandemic is still going on, people are taking a step back of how halloween is going to look like this year. Halloween is definitely going to be very different this year, but people, candy companies, and halloween itself is doing the best they can to make to make everything go well and safe.

A lot of candy companies like Hershey’s or Mars are having a tough time with business. What candy companies are doing is making online shopping the main priority through business because of how so many people are buying online now a days. But a lot of little and big stores are still selling candy but not as much people are going out to get candy. What companies are doing is that they are making certain deals online so when your buying candy you could buy a family sized packs or other low deals that people are willing to pay for.

The most important and best times of halloween is when everyone dresses up in all kinds of costumes. I would say majority of little kids, young adults, and even older people around the world all dress up in costumes on Halloween. As you may know the chain Spirit Halloween Store, which is known to purchase costumes and other decorations is doing the best they can do avoid any problems with COVID-19. The company is coming up with ideas for costume shopping by setting up delivery and online shopping to cell costumes. Costume sales are doing pretty well during this pandemic because kids in general love halloween and their parents don’t want them to be disappointed.

Many Americans feel that if young people walk around when they are trick or treating, COVID-19 would spread dramatically throughout the day. As for parents, they might tell their children not go out and trick or treat where they’ll order candy and dress up at home. With certain areas around the world with COVID-19 still going on, people could have the virus and could spread easily if people were walking around to different houses collecting candy. For this year halloween is considered a “high risk activity” but many solutions are being made. If you go to the website (halloween2020.org), it’s a site that maps out how to trick or treat safely. (CNN) This is a great idea for kids to be safe and socially distant when trick or treating.

Overall, Halloween is not going to be the same experience of what it used to be then this year. There are a lot of Americans that will be contributing and not contributing with a pandemic going on. But there are a lot of ideas and thoughts into having a safe and fun time on Halloween. For myself, I feel Halloween will be truly different but that being said the world is in a struggle so why not try the hardest we can to make Halloween the best that it can be.