With graduation only 41 days away, I asked seniors in Alpha Phi for their advice to incoming freshman, advice that they would’ve liked to hear before coming to school at Saint Joe’s.

SJU Alpha Phi
“Cliche but trust the process. Everything happens for a reason. Step outside your comfort zone whenever you can, even though it is scary. It is SO worth it.”
“DO EVERYTHING, GO TO EVERYTHING – regardless of its stereotype, what other people say about it – if it interests you, do it. You only find yourself that way.”
“Your first semester friends are not going to be your forever friends, and that’s OK. You will fall in and out of friend groups all throughout your first year- don’t let it get you down. The beginning is forced friendships, but those that you make your second and third semester of college are the ones that stick with you.”

“Build strong relationships, whether it be with roommates, classmates, professors, etc. and get rid of the toxic ones that are not benefiting you – the stress from those is never worth it.”

“Start over; find the true things you enjoy and not the ones deemed “cool”. From this you’ll develop true friendships and memories.”
“Pay attention in class, it’s really not that difficult to get by at SJU, don’t give up your grades for partying. Dedicate your Sundays to campion brunch and club lib- its fun and you will thank yourself later.”
“Freshman year is the easiest year to balance your school work and social life! Once senior year rolls around you have a million other things to worry about other than your GPA. Start off strong so you can slack off later! And omlettes are always the answer if you don’t know what to eat in campion.” 
“Sign up for APEX. You might not want to commit so early on in your first semester to give up your spring break at home, but you will fall in love with the new family you make on that trip.”
“Don’t drink vlad. Ever.”
And most importantly –
“Kiss anyone you think is cute.”
Good luck to all of the seniors graduating, we can’t wait to see all that you’ll do.
~ Erin Paccione ’19


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