For the past decade, we have seen an emergence of popularity in college work opportunities such as part-time roles during the year and internships throughout the summer. For Saint Joe’s senior Matt Wray, he was presented with an opportunity to take a unique path during his time at the university. Matt is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of a developing software company called LENZ, a platform that provides families with consumer intelligence based on crowd sourced information to appropriately match them to teams, events, and training in travel sports. 

Matt started running events part time for the first 3 years of college, before entering the $20B market with his software during his senior year. “There are so many opportunities for college kids in the business world nowadays, the business landscape of Philadelphia has shown time and time again that ambitious, fearless, and eager students have been able to catapult from school to the workplace” Wray said. 

According to a study done by the Nation Center for Education Statistics, 41% of full time undergraduate students were employed at some capacity during their education in 2018. This was down from 53% in 2000. The article dives deeper into how there is a geographical factor for students in cities surrounding Universities versus Rural surrounding universities. “Students at this University and other surrounding schools have such an amazing opportunity to emerge themselves into Philadelphia and it’s endless opportunities, while still excelling in the classroom” Wrays says. Wray continues

Matt talks about applying education to the real world. Credits to Matt Wray

We ran a poll on the HawkChill Instagram page asking how many students in the Saint Joe’s community work at some capacity during their time at SJU. The results were:

Chart representing results of Instagram poll. Created by: Paul Perpiglia

Matt says that there were 3 really easy things to remember for students who are currently or want to balance a work life and school life:

“1. Your social life DOES NOT need to be sacrificed…. I had an amazingly fun 4 years and still was able to balance everything. Take a step back to realize how many hours per week we spend doing nothing, and how that space can be filled. 

2. Network in literally every situation you encounter…. Talk to everyone. Talk to professors past just academic discussions, talk to business leaders you know in your circle, talk to recent graduates, talk to the Barista at Starbucks. Your network will carry you further than anything else in this 4 year journey.

3. Dream big, deliver bigger. Set goals worth going after…. At this age we have nothing to lose but time. Go full speed at every opportunity you get, and always find the lesson from each and every situation. 

Matt speaks about not focusing so hard on your major. Credits to Matthew Wray

Matt is graduating from Saint Joseph’s University in May, and the LENZ platform is projected to go to market in the summer of 2021. He says he wants to be a resource to all hawk students who need guidance on their journey.