If you figured out what that says, you’re either Greek or you studied abroad this past summer with Josie Clark in Greece (or learned Greek, who knows).

Saint Joseph’s University offers multiple opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and immerse themselves into cultures different from their own with the numerous abroad programs. 

Josie in Santorini, one of the many places she visited while in the country.

These programs allow for students to further their education, but it also serves as a way for student’s to grow themselves. Being immersed in a different culture, where almost everything is foreign, provides a way for students to “find themselves” within the culture, and learn about themselves while learning about the country. 

Josie realized that the small worlds of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and all the troubles back home there, were minuscule in this giant world.

“I realized the world did not revolve around me, or our country.”

A day off from classes spent with her close friends that also accompanied her abroad

Josie was able to completely allow herself to give up everything she had known, to truly experience the country she was in and all it had to offer. 

Josie has a great interest in politics, and during her abroad experience she was really able to see where one of the first democracies was created. She found herself learning all about Greece’s politics and their party systems– finding her own passion for politics growing.

She began to understand why Greece’s economy is struggling, and took a great interest in researching ways they have been attempting to better it. 

Submerging herself in the culture, starting off with a nice glass of wine– followed by some “good eats.”

Through her research, Josie found herself growing more and more when it came to her passion for politics. When she arrived home, her passion drove her to continue her path of education, after her time here at Saint Joseph’s University, in political science. Without her abroad experience Josie would not have been able to find her new passion. 

Josie discusses her St. Joe’s experience and her background prior to her decision of joining the class of 2020


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